Friday, February 21st, 2020

Panjabi MC feat. Sahib – Standard

Back on the horse…


Katherine St Asaph: If a complete banger of a comeback gets virtually no notice, not even from the #rememberthe90s-ing that Panjabi MC would seem to qualify for, does it still bang?

Kylo Nocom: “Jump Around” squeals with tablas and more stuff crammed in between. I am in love.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Clearly a song by an artist that debuted in the 90s — that record scratchy screech! It’s charming, though, with enough switches in the beat that it feels hungry to impress. The vocal is fine, but the song is best when Panjabi MC just gets to fiddle around with fun sounds.

Camille Nibungco: I thoroughly respect Panjabi MC for holding space and reverence for 90s hip-hop sampling and arrangements in his many years as a Bhangra artist. Perhaps it’s Sahib’s flow or just me not being as well-versed enough in Bhangra music, but the song flounders too much to be memorable for me.

Thomas Inskeep: Kinda sounds like Panjabi MC put “Beware of the Boys” down, flipped it, reversed it, and then added on a loud snare and that sound effect from House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” before getting Sahib to rap on top. It’s okay, but not entirely successful. I mean, it’s no “Beware of the Boys.”

Brad Shoup: The “Shotgun” sample threw me – I thought the track was going to retread some boom bap. I should’ve paid attention to the acoustic guitar instead. When Sahib really lets it float, everything becomes a spaghetti western.

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