Friday, May 15th, 2020

Shiva ft. Eiffel 65 – Auto Blu

“Blue” is the colour of all that we hear…


Tim de Reuse: There’s something incredibly funny about sampling a cultural monolith that exemplified the least well-remembered trends of nineties eurodance and turning it into something more stilted, more acoustically strained, and less catchy.

Scott Mildenhall: Going by Nea’s “Some Say”, Miss Li’s “Komplicerad”, Gradur’s “Ne Reviens Pas” and now this, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” has achieved Pachelbellishly Canonical status, with everyone (at least four musicians) wanting a piece of its timeless folk song qualities. For Shiva’s part, he has every right to it, honouring a national classic with a reinvention for an audience that, like him, were not born when it first emerged. Trying to decipher “Auto Blu”‘s context from afar is a familiar affair — a petition to ban it here, anxieties about a youth who think it’s an original there — but cynics be damned, it appears to have found unifying status once more. As well as workaday lines about actually being a bit of a baller thanks very much, even a non-Italian speaker could pick out the newly introduced onomatopoeia and alliterative gibberish. Shiva’s not reinventing da ba dwheel, but he does provide a fitting tribute.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: I was feeling some déjà vu so I had to check: indeed, we just covered another romance language interpolation of Eiffel 65’s “Blue” a couple of months ago. Comparisons are damning, but this manages to feel stale and joyless even when judged on its own merits. 

David Moore: One of two riffs on Eiffel 65 that I’ve heard so far this year, stronger for being more direct, like a kid singing along poorly to the radio. But, in an artistic decision chosen no doubt to enrage me and maybe a select few others personally, the vocals remain resolutely and inexplicably just flat of the actual key, even after applying the requisite shissel of Autotune.

Alfred Soto: I mean, really, “Blue” wasn’t that good to begin with. Resurrecting it twice in one year to apply one generation’s Eurocheese orthodoxies to a previous one takes some gumption.

Katherine St Asaph: I owned Eiffel 65’s Europop, which means several full 24-hour days of my life were spent listening to deep Eiffel 65 album cuts, which means I can state from experience that there’s no unfuckwithable sanctity to the music of a group whose other songs involve “sexual browsers” or “P-L-A-Y-S-T-A-T-I-O-N!” Or if there was that sanctity, it was already defiled more than 10 years ago by a Flo Rida interpolation, by something called “Bud Light Blue,” by Goofy, by probably like nine million TikToks and 90 million memes. But as much as the ratio of shitpost to sincerity makes Jeffrey Jey an inadvertent zoomer troubadour and “Blue” particularly appealing to 2020’s nostalgists (see also: “Rasputin”), “Auto Blu” isn’t really that kind of thing. It’s a couple Italian guys sampling some other Italian guys’ hit with authentic, irony-free bluster and jank. I’m not convinced the backing track isn’t a MIDI these guys found autoplaying on someone’s Angelfire site. 2020 really is 2000.

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5 Responses to “Shiva ft. Eiffel 65 – Auto Blu”

  1. scott’s blurbs have been really good lately

  2. “da ba dwheel” KILLS me

  3. Glad we can all agree that time has collapsed. The nostalgia timeline on my Hey! Remember the 90’s! playlist on Spotify is edging into 2000 — lots of uses of Dido’s “Thank You” lately.

  4. Thanks, both!

  5. Official mash-up with “Some Say” turns the song into something I’m almost certain I heard after making its way via Bluetooth to someone’s tinny phone speaker in 2007, marvellous and also utterly terrible

    Honourable mention to the remix by Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65, which is more in the ‘YouTube football montage’ mould

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