Friday, May 15th, 2020

DaBaby – Find My Way

Blue, DaBaby?


Alfred Soto: The rogue hasn’t lost his power to charm, and when his awkward warble spills over a “No Scrubs”-like guitar squiggle I remember what made Blame It on Baby a car staple last summer; but the secondhand narcissism’s starting to get tatty. 

Scott Mildenhall: That perfunctory guitar loop plays in full 19 times throughout “Find My Way”; 38 if you count its two near-identical halves separately. A demonstration, at least, of what would have happened if “E”-spurnrs Marshmllo and Ann-Mari had rjctd “FRINDS” for “TDIOUS”.

Oliver Maier: “Find My Way” scans like an attempt to prove that DaBaby can carry a lowkey cut, only it backfires when it turns out that he absolutely cannot do that; his autopilot flow over latin_guitar_type_beat.mp3 is unrelentingly dull. Stick to the pyrotechnics.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Even if Blame It on Baby was as interesting as the other two albums DaBaby has released in the past year, “Find My Way” would still be the fourth or fifth best track. As far as singles go, everything that “Find My Way” tries to do, “Rockstar” does more raffishly. 

Edward Okulicz: DaBaby is still somewhat compelling, but it’s difficult to feel compelled by two minutes of something as dated and perfunctory as “Find My Way.” He sounds as bored of inevitable sex (“I end up slidin’ in, okay”) as I am by that guitar preset, which makes this sound like it could have been released in 2000, not 2020. Per the lyrics, DaBaby has obviously never played Tetris in his life, either.

Thomas Inskeep: The guy can rap, I can’t deny that.

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