Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Daddy Yankee & Sech – Definitivamente

Definitely… slightly above average…


Steacy Easton: I love how expansive this starts, and how it is almost coy about Yankee’s voice, where the track goes on for almost a minute before we hear it. I also like how much a crooner he is. 

Tobi Tella: It’s nice to know that whiny, trying to be brooding R&B crosses languages.

Katherine St Asaph: Daddy Yankee is making better Drake songs than Drake these days (to be fair, almost anyone could). This is so 2012 “Take Care”: the most mournful kind of time-tripping.

Oliver Maier: Sech does his best to carry Nekxum’s dismal beat and a listless Daddy Yankee for three and a half interminable minutes. The glimpses of genuine pathos in his performance are buried under cement.

Scott Mildenhall: After spending its first thirty seconds sounding like Calvin Harris in “My Way” mode, “Definitivamente” never gets into gear, unwilling to be anything more than spare. That doesn’t put the kibosh on things by itself — the sound is never less (or more) than pleasant — but the imperceptibility of melody doesn’t make up for it. With all the melodic possibilities of the title — six out of seven are CV syllables — why not go wild?

Alfred Soto: I realized I’d been soaking in this song for the last week: wafting out of car windows at stoplights, through someone’s headphones at the pool the other afternoon. Sech and Daddy Yankee’s powerful hook overwhelms the rather wan beat, as intended. Is this summer listening? Sure.

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