Friday, June 12th, 2020

Nathan Dawe ft. Jaykae – Flowers

No Love Island? No problem…


Alfred Soto: What am I reviewing — the original or its updated simulation? Both? Okay. 

Katherine St Asaph: A [7] for the same reason “The Girl Is Mine” is a [7]: the shamelessness of making us just re-rate “Flowers” does not mathematically outweigh the rating, and re-rating, of “Flowers.”

Scott Mildenhall: The main thing this achieves is temporarily forcing Sweet Female Attitude from the radio, and even then, that’s more in theory than practice. Malika Ferguson’s performance is as anonymous as designated (here is a better one), while Jaykae — harnessing all the cultural myths of harsh and brash West Midlands vowels — provides an only too brief diversion from Dawe’s astounding derivativeness. If he is canny and/or lucky, he could yet walk the well-trodden path to endless retreads with more established names. Certainly, almost anything could be more interesting than this.

Will Adams: The various changes made to update the original — swapping Satie chords for a minor progression; turning the garage beat into a dense house production; anonymizing the female vocal — only serve to diminish the final product. Par for the course as far as dance covers go, but the existence of more interesting takes on “Flowers” makes Nathan Dawe’s that much more disposable.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: Was expecting a mediocre bit of garage revivalism that coasted on a distinctive nostalgia sample. It’s not not that, but Nathan Dawe and Jaykae do enough to make this their own that the joys of “Flowers” feel earned rather than stolen. On Dawe’s part, that mostly comes in a remix job that elevates the high drama of the original Sweet Female Attitude vocal, filling it in with deep bass and house pianos. Jaykae’s verse is even better, providing a worthy break from the vocal tension with a short and charming performance that fits nicely into the groove Dawe reconstructs. It’s still a trifle, but it’s fun and fresh enough to not feel tired.

Nortey Dowuona: A heavy cup of piano is poured onto softly placed handclaps and hi-hats, then pushed up by tuned-up bass and bubble kicks with Ritz Cracker snares as Jaykae tries to sweet talk a girl on Zoom into going to Nando’s with him.

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2 Responses to “Nathan Dawe ft. Jaykae – Flowers”

  1. The original Sugababes reunited and covered it for last year’s Garage Classical album, and it was splendid; this feels very paint-by-numbers and it’s success both shocks and disappoints me.

  2. the Cutfather & Joe mix is actually the original version of “Flowers”, which was remixed by Sunship for the single version that’s the garage classic everyone knows

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