Friday, June 19th, 2020

The Streets with Tame Impala – Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better

We reckon you’re about a [4] or a [5]…


Steacy Easton: I’ve kind of missed The Streets, there is something about his voice that I trust, the ambivalence abutting an excellent moral axiom or two. It’s nice that he’s up to the snuff of Original Pirate Material.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Intensely awkward, not unlike if I was forced to listen to a friend’s dad rap over a beat he found on the internet. 

Nortey Dowuona: A bubbling piano line lurches over hobbling drums and turned-out synth samples while The Streets thoughtfully darts all over the track and Kevin Parker floats back and forth above it.

Alfred Soto: The clickety-clack rhythm bed and synthesized swells are the best backing Mike Skinner’s enjoyed in fifteen years, crisper than his rap.

Scott Mildenhall: At least on this occasion, Mike Skinner’s gnomic nattering no longer seems knowingly naff, to the extent that it ever did. A lyrical, thematic and collaborative incoherence that only sometimes seems deliberate is, though, satisfyingly offset by the focus of a good pop melody along the titular couplet, which itself is a highlight. Time passes and pop culture shifts, but still The Streets can make grumpy observations about mobiles.

Oliver Maier: Shut the fuck up.

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