Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

surf mesa ft. emilee – ily (i love you baby)

we don’t think it’s quite alright


Alfred Soto: By hooking the original Frankie Valli tune up with U2’s gauze-covered Joshua Tree stomper, Pet Shop Boys queered them for an early ’90s dance floor. By keeping the beats small and relying on loops, Surf Mesa and Emilee give “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” the Balearic treatment that might’ve been a sensation a decade ago. All it needs is a Cut Copy remix.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: A three-minute-long Instagram ad. 

Tobi Tella: Nightcore Four Seasons was certainly a choice, but at least it’s an idea in something otherwise devoid of them. I’m unable to imagine anyone dancing to this, but the idea of them taking it sincerely might be worse?

Scott Mildenhall: Trying to make “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” tasteful in this way feels, quite viscerally, distasteful. There are few funnier interjections in music than the BUH-DUH, BUH-DUH, BUH-DUH-DUH-DUHs of that song, in whatever form they take, so to elide them is little more than an act of cowardice. Embrace the brashness, or at least pick a more subdued song to subdue.

Katherine St Asaph: Fine enough dream pop spun, like so much shimmering cobweb, around an interpolation of Frankie Valli and the Four Uwus.

Alex Clifton: It’s certainly cute and dreamy but insubstantial, cotton candy that’s there on your tongue one moment and gone the next. It would be nice to have the vocalist do something different than sing the same four lines on loop, but at least there’s no shoehorned bloated rap feature or verse. Anyway, production’s nice!

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