Monday, June 29th, 2020

AJ Tracey ft. MoStack – Dinner Guest

In which we all wish we could hit the club…


Katherine St Asaph: A ROT-13 version of ’90s dance; two artists who are just present enough, producing evocative-enough filler for a club atmosphere. Remember atmosphere?

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: What perfect filler for waiting in line for the bathroom at the club!

Tobi Tella: Campy and surprisingly witty, the way this toes the line into sheer ridiculousness but never fully crosses over is amusing enough for me to ignore that its music for guys who smoke cigs right outside the off-license.

Oliver Maier: AJ Tracey and MoStack have been a winning combination before, and they benefit even more here from the sprinkles of silliness. I wish “Dinner Guest” felt a tad less paint-by-numbers, but the punchlines are grin-inducing enough to forgive the weaker rhymes, and the Nightcrawlers sample flip is ingenious.

Thomas Inskeep: Smart of these British rappers to ride a UK classic as iconic as Nightcrawlers’ ’95 smash “Push the Feeling On,” as they themselves are very, very, not-likely-to-ever-cross-over-in-the-US British. They’re also solid rappers with voices I really enjoy — and this is their second great collab, after appearing on Steel Banglez’ “Fashion Week” last year. Both of ’em know how to ride on the rhythm.

Nortey Dowuona: MoStack leaps over the circling bass drums and synth Beyblades without a care, while AJ tries to get in close and gets cut on his fingers, feet and neck.

Scott Mildenhall: An agreeably bland accompaniment to a timeless sample: if your parents loved the Nightcrawlers, then they sure might love the Jorja Smith Crawlers. “Ladbroke Grove” showed AJ Tracey’s knack for similarly broad-brush appeal in bloom, but here in more laidback mode, he’s that bit less engaging.

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