Friday, July 10th, 2020

Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo – Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)

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Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: “Savage Love” is a rich text. In its pre-Derulo form, “Laxed” was less a song that could stand on its own and more a novelty beat that could be reused for TikTok memes endlessly. In its journey to the charts, it represents an inversion of the prior norms of TikTok success — instead of an artist trying to make one of their own tracks into a meme, Derulo sought out a pre-existing meme to make his own. In his usage, it’s a pretty standard Derulo song. Most of all though, all versions of this song are pretty awful to listen to at length. I have a headache and I don’t know if I should blame Derulo or those synth horns.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Jawsh 685’s beat seems ripped from Dora the Explorer; Jason Derulo sounds as savage as a baby kitten. 

Thomas Inskeep: The current #1 single in the UK is this unholy pile-up of an obnoxious “viral melody” made by a 17-year-old New Zealander (nothing good has ever come from the phrase “popularized on TikTok”) and some lyrics written by the washed-up how-did-he-ever-have-a-career-anyway US singer Jason Derulo. It’s awful beyond belief, and worse yet, it sounds like a global smash. And until Lewis Capaldi drops a new single, it’s easily 2020’s worst.

Will Adams: Jason Derulo swiping a TikTok novelty song for a quick cash-in wouldn’t be noteworthy were it not for the hilarious dissonance between his crooning over a fiery relationship and Jawsh 685’s rinky-dink keyboard demo track beat. The only hope for “Savage Love” meriting existence is if it becomes its own meme where it’s juxtaposed with increasingly inapposite backing tracks. What will we hear him stapled onto next? “Baby Shark”? “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”? “Friday”???

Tobi Tella: “Jason Derulo steals TikTok beat for song” is an objectively hilarious series of events, and the fact that the song is completely nondescript and listless except for when that drop hits just makes it even funnier (and sadder).

Scott Mildenhall: Morning. Jason Derulo is at rest, just as in the afternoon and evening, or so it seems these days. With his sheets on the floor, daylight comes and he’s still sat at home. The drums, they swing low, low, low, rolling on into purgatory. He no longer remembers what followed them. In his head, he sees what they say, beyond these four walls. Putting off their shade, he covers up his eyes, unable to look outside the house they make it hard to leave. “Future history,” he thinks. “Future history.” It now feels more like prognosis than prognostication. But though senses fade, his sixth does not. When he hears the right sound, those ears still wiggle. Somewhere in the distance, as if from the other side of the world, the back of a million buses, and the midst of a million schoolgrounds, a siren calls. “What if? What if I’m lucky?” Slowly, his name begins to resound. Jason Derulo. An umlaut flies overhead, direct from Beluga Heights. Jason Derulo. Like breathing: Jason Derulo. I am Jason Derulo, and I make competent R&B over quirky noises. The sky’s the limit.

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6 Responses to “Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo – Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)”

  1. scott’s blurb is beautiful

  2. also idk the beat is fine to me? i take less issue with it and more with just the gross Jason Derulo pop machine trying and failing to get away with not crediting Jawsh

  3. the synth horn genuinely sets off my fight or flight response but scott w/ the BOTY here

  4. Haha, thanks. I think the song is fine, and its cultural origins are interesting and shouldn’t go without credit – I’d never heard of siren jams before. Similar goes for Derulo’s talents (not the larceny). And despite what I wrote, it doesn’t feel he’s been ‘away’ that long (though I know things may be different in the US).

  5. I mean his first hit was an imogen heap song

  6. This song was boring before BTS was incorporated and it’s somehow weirder with BTS incorporated because it’s just not interesting when you suddenly swap out Jason Derulo for Jungkook on the chorus.