Friday, August 28th, 2020

Disclosure ft. Aminé and Slowthai – My High

And ours!


Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Singlehandedly the most chaotic, obnoxious, infectious thing that I’ve heard since quarantine started. 

Will Adams: When in Banger Mode, the Brothers Lawrence walk a fine line between assertive and boorish;  “My High,” which finds Aminé and Slowthai asking you to leave them  alone while they trip balls on the dancefloor, would seem doomed to be  the latter. Instead, it’s one of the funnest dance tracks of the year.  All the elements gel: Disclosure’s nimble bassline interacting with the  jostling percussion, Slowthai’s careening-off-rails verse, a  “Shout”-style breakdown, and, best of all, Aminé’s hook — “please don’t  fuck up my high” — both a rude rebuff and celebration of being in that  elevated state.

Alfred Soto: What a sleazy record — a thumper of a gay club track circa 1999-2000 (I can smell the sweat on the walls).

Scott Mildenhall: Almost a counterpart to “Deal Wiv It”, but with Slowthai relegated to sideshow (a lesser relegation than it could have been). Aminé makes for a less interesting foil — maybe not if you’re more familiar with him, but he brings little personality to the track, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if that’s exactly how Disclosure wanted it. The instrumental is the star, and he is at one with it, casually riding on top as it expands, contracts, and spins this way and that. It’s good to hear some vitality from the Lawrences.

Katherine St Asaph: You know that scene from The Phantom Tollbooth where Milo shoots the Soundkeeper’s fortress with a cannon, causing every noise and sound in history to come roaring out at once? It probably sounded like this.

Nortey Dowuona: So apparently Disclosure have decided to make good pop house again! The racketeering drums and Hannah John-Kamen bass are laid out as Aminé smoothly glides over it with a sly rictus grin, reminding us not to fuck up the high. Meanwhile, Slowthai continues with his post-NGAB styling and making everyone in Northampton proud. (I can’t wait for his Coloring Book/Gang Signs & Prayer-type album and everyone who previously liked duud immediately throwing up their hands.) It’s a pretty simple, good pop house/rap song, and thank god for that.

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One Response to “Disclosure ft. Aminé and Slowthai – My High”

  1. the phantom tollbooth is my favorite book of all time and katherine’s blurb is one of my favorite of this year