Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

DaBaby ft. Young Thug – Blind

The score takes some baby steps up…


Jibril Yassin: It’s cool hearing DaBaby take a few tentative steps out of his usual breakneck flow, opting for a melodic, carefree delivery that finds its place with ease. But the mistake he made was inviting Thugger to croon on a spiritual cousin to “Killed Before.” Before long, the sepia-tinged snapshot turns upside down as he relives past stories of trauma and quarantine-life updates, with flashes of the surreal vocal performances he made his name on in the mid-aughts sneaking their way in at every bend. As good as DaBaby is, Young Thug outperforms him while barely lifting a finger.

Tobi Tella: Tropical beats have been out of vogue long enough to make me not immediately hate this, but I think I’m just relieved that DaBaby CAN, in fact, make another song. After a six-week number one that no one reeeeeally cared about, I’m impressed by this, even though the new tricks are just faux-introspection and going fast. Thugger, less intense and less inhibited, has the best part by far.

Nortey Dowuona: A slow, ritzy swimming-pool guitar squeezes tight the bulbous bass and rickety snares. The chattering percussion slithers around DaBaby’s feet as he tries, for once, to jump on its back. Jeffrey lies back while checking that his kids don’t fall off and hurt themselves.

Alfred Soto: The second Young Thug enters with a helluva opener (“I’ve been quarantined, livin’ with my kiddies/Tryna teach me how to cha-cha, ah”), my resistance ends. DaBaby raps less smugly than has been his wont.

Thomas Inskeep: DaBaby’s dynamism comes through on “Blind,” but the track lets him down; another hip hop track over an acoustic guitar loop? Ugh. 

Katherine St Asaph: Surprised it took so long for one of the hundreds of acoustic-guitar-over-trap-beats hits to reach its logical evolution: sounding like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It makes for a pleasant bit of late-summer mugginess, in which DaBaby and Young Thug the difference between good and good enough for TikTok.

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