Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Keith Urban with P!nk – One Too Many

So humble — the first acts ever to request a downgrade on their score…


Juana Giaimo: This sounded like a chill summer song until I read the very depressing lyrics that could be a Mad Men scene and now I’m very confused.

Scott Mildenhall: How drunk are these millionaires if they’ve spent all their money on a night’s booze? It’s a trick question: this is sober as a judge, and its attestants’ fantasy of the humdrum is, indeed, stiflingly humdrum. Perhaps that’s a success, but fittingly enough, given their respective recognition in each other’s countries, Urban and P!nk sound like they’ve never even met. Where is home when you’re walking through the desert?

Alex Clifton: Does the production on this make everyone sound like they’re singing through a tube, or does Keith Urban just sound like that? Anyway, it’s a Jason Mraz song with alcohol instead of avocados, and it’s a mediocre one at this. COVID has made people get creative and has led to unexpected collaborations but I would not mark this one as a winner.

Edward Okulicz: This is certainly my favourite Jason Mraz song in a very long time!!

Thomas Inskeep: I love Keith Urban when he’s making country records. But this ain’t a country record; this is essentially an Ed Sheeran record, and things aren’t helped by the presence of one of my least favorite pop singers, P!nk. The sentiment, and the performances (along with the dire songwriting), just puddle into goo.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: I’ve always had a soft spot for Keith Urban’s pseudo-sophisticated country pop, and he remains charming here — he sounds like a guy you could actually hang out with, rather than the exaggerated caricature of “a guy you could hang out with” that dominates the rest of the country chart. Despite the corny conceit, the arrangement doesn’t give in too much to schmaltz, and P!nk provides a capable counterpoint to Urban. It’s the kind of single that feels like it’s already a radio catalog staple, a track that has existed in the possibility space of pop for decades before its actual creation. There’s something reassuring about “One Too Many”‘s existence, in the ability of pretty decent pop crossover collabs between legacy acts to still sustain themselves.

Nortey Dowuona: Slow, stripped down soul guitar is strummed by Keith, who stumbles towards the pumping bass and cheapskate keyboards with the paper folded drums, while P!nk just steps on each lightly. She helps Keith, who is wobbling and struggling, across a gossamer-thin layer of interwoven strings doubling as a bridge, then a chorus welcomes them to the other side, with a limping guitar solo following. Finally P!nk, relieved, walks back out to fetch the rest of the stragglers.

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  1. What is Pink doing on here? At first I thought that it was a weird change of pace for her to be to be the sober one sitting at home in this relationship, but then she just sings the same things he’s singing? So they are both singing to their beleaguered partners at home? Also, they are both regretful, but not exactly apologetic here, and they don’t want to change? Is the whole song just one long “yeah it must suck for you to be dating an alcoholic”?

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