Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

Amnesty Week and Readers Week 2020

Hi readers!

Well, 2020 certainly has been a year, hasn’t it? It’d be remiss not to note that our posting frequency reduced — it’s not that we had less to say, it’s just that it was harder to say it and harder to have the time or the calmness to do so. In such a difficult year for so many, it’s good to still be here, and it’s good that you’re still here with us. It’s time to make things better, to make amends for those things we missed, and to discover even more new music.

From today, we will commence our usual Amnesty Week, where our writers pick one song that they’d like us to have covered, and their wishes come true. Following that, and even more fun, is READERS WEEK 2020. You know what that means. It means you get to select a song that you’d like us to cover. It just has to be able to be categorised as a “single” of some kind from 2020. And there’s more chance we missed your favourite than ever because, well you know why.

If you want to suggest a song, please send an email to
including the song and artist, preferably a Youtube/Spotify/something link and why you chose it. Optionally (but strongly encouraged) submit a one paragraph review with a score from 0 to 10 (whole numbers please), TSJ-style, and it will be on the site alongside our reviews.

You have until 11:59pm on Thursday 17 December 2020 to make your suggestion. When it hits midnight in whatever part of the world is last to hit midnight, that’s when we’ll close.

Love, the TSJ team.

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2 Responses to “Amnesty Week and Readers Week 2020”

  1. Shabason, Krgovich & Harris’ “I Don’t See The Moon” is eight and a half minutes of blissed-out mood music that transports you into orbit. The folks I’ve played it for have either loved or hated it, and I would love to read more thoughtful descriptions of why that happens.

  2. Ethan Gruska – “Enough For Now (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)

    Loved this album when it came out the first week of January, but it never seemed to catch on and got ignored by all the year-end lists (as January releases tend to). This is one of my most played songs of the year by a mile and I’d love more people to hear it. Plus, I don’t think you guys talked about Phoebe at all this year and this is a great example of how her presence can add some pathos to something different than a fragile acoustic ballad or straight ahead rock, like soaring end credits pop music.