Monday, January 4th, 2021

The Lathums – I See Your Ghost

In case you we were wondering, in 2021, we are indeed back on our bullshit…


Juana Giaimo: Did you see the Top 50 Greatest Indie Landfill Songs article? This would fit right there, except it doesn’t even have a catchy melody or the nostalgia to make it at least a bit charming. 

Jonathan Bradley: How is it possible for new English indie bands to have spent a quarter-century releasing the same song?

Ian Mathers: I don’t actually hate indie, but every so often just the right song comes along to make me forget that fact for the duration. This builds on a rich history of stuff that I happen not to give a shit about (The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys… I don’t know, Paul Weller probably?) and my personal nightmare would be it crossing the Atlantic just in time to be heavily played whenever we can all start going outside again.

Thomas Inskeep: It is not the time for a ska revival. It will never be the time for a ska revival.

Katherine St Asaph: Bad, but fun bad, the same kind of gonzo good time as Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman.” The Lathums do not normally do ska, though, which explains why the lyrics and occasionally the vocal are so staidly serious. Guys, this is really not the time for emoting or poetry.

Jeffrey Brister: A bland cross between Devo and mid-00’s era Panic! At the Disco with neither the former’s weirdness nor the latter’s melodramatic theatricality.

John Pinto: Charming in a “What if Johnny Marr got extra mozzarella sticks?” kinda way.

Iain Mew: This is produced by James Skelly of The Coral, I was unsurprised to discover because, well, listen to those guitars and those harmonies. Whether the sound of the ’60s filtered through 2002 is really the sound of 2021 is open to question, but “I See Your Ghost” has at least some of the anarchic unease of “Skeleton Key” mixed in there as well as smartly joining the lines between The Coral and The Last Shadow Puppets. And despite sounding like it’s been handed down through time, they manage a scrappy vitality which is impressive.

Rose Stuart: It’s nice to hear an Oingo Boingo song in 2021, even if it isn’t by Oingo Boingo

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  1. Dross. Simple as.