Monday, January 11th, 2021

CJ – Whoopty

Blue cheese is pretty good though…


Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: “Whoopty” asks an intriguing question: What if Pop Smoke didn’t sound cool?

Oliver Maier: Pop Smoke did drill better and King Von rapped over the same sample better the previous year, but “Whoopty” would be a drag even without the ghosts of superior rappers hanging over it.

Juana Giaimo: If you’re going to rap such ridiculous lyrics (“I swear I’m addicted to blue cheese”, “I’m hittin’ the cha-cha, open his lata, then he dancin’ bachata”) you simply can’t take yourself so seriously.

Alfred Soto: The title’s memorable, and so are the “ata” rhymes, grant him this. 

Thomas Inskeep: Yes, CJ has a moderately compelling flow on “Whoopty,” but his misogyny is disgusting, and there’s no song here, just a chorus and about a verse and a half.

Al Varela: There’s something about this song’s bouncy intensity that keeps me coming back. It’s an obvious sample, but it’s one that gives the song an intimidating atmosphere alongside that knocking bass and CJ’s infectious energy. I didn’t think you could make an addiction to blue cheese sound like a threat, but he did it.

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