Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Shane Codd ft. SOLAH – Get Out My Head

Not a Redlight cover, though we’d maybe prefer that…


Dorian Sinclair: I’m embarrassingly easy when it comes to jangly piano vamps and a charismatic alto vocal. Give me those two things, and I’m already well on my way to liking your song, so Shane Codd (and the uncredited SOLAH) are off to a promising start. Unfortunately, the vamp fails to go anywhere unexpected, and SOLAH doesn’t get the opportunity to show off any dynamic range, so that promise remains unmet.

Alfred Soto: I love house piano as much as anyone, but “Get Out My Head” has the tinny insistence of its mid-’90s Eurocheese ancestors without the hooks and schmaltz.

Juana Giaimo: I was excited when those loud piano chords and the playful vocals began, but it soon turned into a regular EDM track.

Joshua Minsoo Kim: This comes and goes without anything to latch onto, and literally everything’s at fault. The hook is constantly on the precipice of something memorable, but is unable to soar or be chopped up in a lively manner, and the piano chords and synths are aggressively anemic, making this sound like royalty-free music for much of its runtime. And with how cheap it all sounds, the lyrics fall flat. It’s frustrating, because Shane Codd could’ve spent even one minute picking out kicks or snares or handclaps that sounded a bit more full-bodied, but he didn’t.

Thomas Inskeep: Justice for SOLAH, whose strong vocal stands up nicely against Codd’s pumping pop house.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: House beats like these just remind me of cheap Instagram Explore page filler content these days; this one is enlivened by the (uncredited) vocal from SOLAH. It’s not great when you condemn the most enjoyable part of your track to anonymity.

Katherine St Asaph:Dynamite” turned tension headache. This song feels longer than last March.

Samson Savill de Jong: It’s 9 p.m. You told your mates to be over at 8, but only because you know that they’re consistently an hour late anyway. As they trickle in, you give them each a hug, direct them to the “living room” (i.e., the room that hasn’t got your bed in it), and ask them if they need a glass for whatever booze they got. You bought popcorn, since you’re a classy host, so everyone shares it around. The hours go by as the room gets louder. You check the time. It’s half eleven. The neighbours might get irate if you leave it like this much longer. So you herd everyone together and set out toward the shitty club nearby. While crammed together in line, one of the girls makes friends with the people in front of you. After a fiver at the door, then dropping the coats off, you’re in. A David Guetta ripoff is playing, which you’d never normally like, but you’re wankered, you’re with friends, and frankly who wants to be with a musical scrooge right now? So you let yourself get carried away and sing “get out my head” when it comes up. You’ll go home pissed and by yourself (as always), but right now you’re with people you know, surrounded by people you don’t but could, and what could be better, more human, than that?

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  1. Alternative review: There’s no way this would get anywhere near a 5 if it wasn’t for this fucking pandemic making me desperate to go out again

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