Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Mod Sun ft. Avril Lavigne – Flames

A dull flame of desire…


Aaron Bergstrom: Basically Machine Gun Kelly’s Picture of Dorian Gray, “Flames” gets more and more unlistenable as it goes, meanwhile “Forget Me Too” is still out there in the world, inexplicably perfect. Turns out the formula doesn’t work every time.

Vikram Joseph: What in the Yungblud is going on here, and under what duress was Avril roped into this mess? There’s actually no way to review this song without sounding like your dad: so much shouting, so little to say, other than a barrage of fire-related metaphors (none of which are good, but the narcissist/arsonist line is especially heinous). Kill it with… oh, I won’t lower myself.

Alfred Soto: With vocals that function like buckets of water hurled on a just-lit firepit, “Flames” struggles to generate heat To listen to Avril Lavigne reduced to her singular skatergirl timbre while Mod Sun howls his bellybutton off is to welcome the flood.

John Seroff: I honestly never cared for Avril the first few times around, so I can’t pretend to be excited to encounter her on the hook of this would-be revival of pop screamo. Mod Sun’s moody sorta-kinda-rap howling and “Flames” surprisingly low energy don’t add much to the experience.

Will Adams: A curiously passionless duet from a pair who fit well into the genre given, respectively, a rapper who’s primed for the current emo revival and a beloved pop-rocker with a sk8er girl pedigree. The lyric approaches “Girl On Fire” levels of mixed metaphors, but hey, at least they didn’t rhyme it with “desire”…?

Katherine St Asaph: Point deducted because I can’t think of a good “flames on the side of my face” joke.

Julian Axelrod: Somehow the worst judge from Cooking on High got current fling/aesthetic aspiration Avril Lavigne on a faux-Matrix pop punk excavation that goes harder than anything Avril’s released since “Boyfriend.” If she’s happy, I’m happy!

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  1. Did you guys know that the guy who produces all of NF’s music made a christmas album and Avril Lavigne is on it? Based on your reactions to this song I’d guess you’d find that fact more interesting than MOD SUN’s lack of much memorable contribution. I’ll have to check his album out to see if his “YUNGBLUD-ness” translates to any “god save me, but don’t drown me out”-level singles.

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