Friday, April 16th, 2021

Central Cee – Commitment Issues

It’s OK, Cee, we can do better.


Ian Mathers: Christ, what an asshole.

Nortey Dowuona: The flow is boring, the bass is nice but kinda mid, the synths are garbage. Central Cee’s girl needs to cut up all his clothes again.

Samson Savill de Jong: You know, this song doesn’t really give me confidence that Central Cee’s going to truly work on his “commitment issues” (read blatant misogyny and disregard for anyone’s feelings but his own). Maybe this song really is a true reflection of his state of mind, but it mostly feels like something he wrote to get big, and it depresses me that it still seems to work. The guy’s not without talent, but he’s selling it out to produce a uninteresting and vaguely repulsive player anthem that we already have too many of.

Mark Sinker: To be fair, not a word this lad says need be trusted. Vwob-wob. Wib wib wob.

Austin Nguyen: This week on Can Douchebags Be Troubled, Sympathetic Characters?: Central Cee can’t settle on whether he wants to be played at the post-homecoming frat party (that powering-down womp of a synth, lightweight trap beat) or in the lonesome midnight bedroom (plaintive guitar and flute), which apparently means it’s perfect for “for legal reasons this is a joke” abuse TikToks? Advice: Choose a sound first; then, you might have the decision-making skills to commit to a woman!

Thomas Inskeep: “You can’t get enough of my love ’cause I give you a fuck that your ex can’t give you, ha”: what a charming guy Central Cee sounds like. Mokuba Lives’ production is solid, but unfortunately Central Cee’s another artist with nothing to say.

Alfred Soto: Pop spins illusions, doubly so during dark times. A man explaining commitment issues was a fact in 2016 as inevitable as in 2021. “I don’t believe in love but that don’t mean I don’t take you seriously” is at least direct, up to Mokuba Lives’ thick mucousy beats. 

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