Friday, June 18th, 2021

Rauw Alejandro – Todo de Ti

Do we like everything about this kinda-disco jam?


Alfred Soto: As crisp as a glass of spiked lemonade in June, “Todo de Ti” has more in common with jams released a decade ago than “Levitating.” The vocal hooks are ingratiating, and it stomps just loud enough to get abuelita tapping her foot.

Edward Okulicz: Not many songs bop so good-naturedly, so it does not matter that part of the melody makes me want to sing Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” over it. More nostalgic for cheap but cheerful 00s blogwave than anything that has been played in any actual disco in the last 45 years, it’s still fun.

Ian Mathers: The way the title line gets repeated in isolation a few times after the chorus almost like it’s sampled from earlier in the song rather than just sung, and it actually really works for me? I wish we went back to that a few more times. It’s an indelible enough hook if some dance track did use it for a refrain I think I’d go for that too.

Mark Sinker: A slip of a thing that never really arrives.

John S. Quinn-Puerta: Alejandro lazily surfs the disco guitar wave with lyrics that purport to love all of you but really just love all of your individual parts, especially when decked out in the right brands, and nothing from the mall. I’m tired of these shopping list songs that reflect not only a lack of effort but a lack of interest in the person they’re singing to. Even without the laziness of the lyrics, the vocals feel phoned in, no match for the energy of the distinctive guitar. 

Thomas Inskeep: I’m not a fan of the Weeknd-ization of global pop, but in Alejandro’s hands it works better than usual, because he’s got personality that oozes through his vocals, and because “Todo de Ti” has a boogie component to it that keeps it from being just another ’80s synthy pastiche. This’ll sound awesome bumping out of car speakers on hot summer days.

Juana Giaimo: Maybe it’s because I haven’t listened to many songs from Latin American artists that followed the disco-trend of last year, but this track was such a nice surprise. Everything about this is smooth. Instead of a heavy drop, it relies on the funk-inspired bass and the steady beat, letting Rauw’s  voice do all the variation — going from rapping to singing, adding high-pitched AutoTuned vocals and even a vocoder effect towards the end. It’s a pity the lyrics are full of reggaeton clichés and some really weird metaphors (“Like keto diet, for you I control myself and stay still, even though I want to eat all of that”) that really don’t fit with the lightness of the song. 

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One Response to “Rauw Alejandro – Todo de Ti”

  1. i wonder if rauw learned about big girls don’t cry from selena gomez