Monday, June 28th, 2021

ArrDee – Oliver Twist

He makes bangers, not anthems; leave that to the Artful Dodger…


Claire Biddles: Truly the musical equivalent of being at the next table to some negging English wankers drinking eight pints in two hours on the first day of lockdown lifting. These points are awarded for the violin loop only.

Juana Giaimo: I couldn’t hear anything ArrDee was saying because of that annoying violin sample (samples are fun when producers think of a way of integrating them to the rest of the song instead of doing copy/paste). Still, I checked the lyrics and it seems I didn’t miss much.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: “I’ve been scummy, I’ll admit,” ArrDee shrugs while luxuriating in his own unpleasantness; I’ll give him some points for being self-aware. 

Alfred Soto: The not bad Oliver! reference and the wobbly violin line project a sense of aural play that ArrDee’s  jus’-folks rhymes and delivery pound into a duty.

Thomas Inskeep: I’ll admit to finding the line “I just wanted some more, Oliver Twist” kinda clever, but there’s nothing to back it up; ArrDee’s an aggressively generic rapper. (The UK has developed a love affair with dull white rappers, haven’t they?) Matters aren’t helped by ZEL’s annoying production, based around an oddly pitched violin loop. 

Andrew Karpan: Okay, I’m willing to admit that I was wrong about this whole mini-genre of post-post grime party rapping: grating in its ruthless insistence on establishing authentic nomenclature, eventually this empty yearning comes at the expense of having a good time or actually partying. Instead, it delivers misanthropy in a forced, goofy grin (“I’ve been scummy, I admit/I did what I did, but I deserve this,” the Brighton rapper proclaims, without asking if spitting some bars on a hit posse remix is really something one ever deserves). It is, at turns, both terse and self-seriousness in its meanness, not unlike, say, an early 6ix9ine record. 

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