Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Jennifer Lopez ft. Rauw Alejandro – Cambia el Paso

One, two misstep…

Alfred Soto: Change the pace yourself.

Juana Giaimo: Jennifer Lopez says she wants to dance, but she isn’t putting a lot of energy in this. Her monotonous spoken words in the chorus are boring. They tried making the chorus less repetitive by putting silences, but then that is repeated too. Rauw Alejandro could have bring more dynamism to the song, but instead (after having a bridge that has nothing to do with the rest of the song) his backing vocals in the last chorus are also monotonous spoken words that doesn’t add anything at all.

Harlan Talib Ockey: This is a shoddy remix, right? Not an original song? I’m convinced that if I scour the Internet hard enough, I’ll find the real “Cambia el Paso”, a full-force battle cry revolving wholly around JLo’s furiously charismatic “left! right! left! AVANZA!“– as a good night out after a breakup should. Instead, what we get is ruptured by hilariously dated, obtrusive production, like the whiny flute abomination throttling the choruses, and Rauw Alejandro, who is clearly only here for Cross-Promotion With The Youths. His abrupt gatecrashing into the bridge hits Lana Del Rey-on-“Don’t Call Me Angel” levels of total momentum loss, his verse afterwards adds nothing to the song’s structure, and his ad-libs in the final chorus sound like he’s frantically throwing spaghetti at the wall in an attempt to create chemistry. Still, “one! two! step! AVANZA!” does pop off. Where’s that version?

Nortey Dowuona: The pulsing Coca Cola synth that leads in Jennifer’s weak, meek voice over the thin sheet synths and bland reggaeton drums is so annoying I actually am excited to hear it drop out of the mix for a dusting of guitar — but then it comes back and keeps on dragging the song down, before another dusting of guitar comes down. Rauw slips in to carefully cradle Jennifer’s voice, then picks the song and runs with it, pulling it forward, then sets Jennifer atop it to drag it back down. This much overproduction prevents the song from flying to actually take off. I wish this was just a solo Rauw cut.

Thomas Inskeep: JLo, particularly when singing in Spanish, has the impressive ability to sound sexy, and in fact does on the verses of “Cambia el Paso.” But she’s failed by the song’s awful chorus, which features Lopez counting down and repeatedly insisting that “all she wanna do is just dance dance dance dance” (and nobody needs reminded of Don Henley’s 1985 hit). Alejandro’s sweet voice sounds fine here, though there’s no vocal chemistry with Lopez; he was clearly brought in just for streaming clicks.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: A deeply sexy, of-the-moment, effortlessly constructed club banger collaboration. “Cambia El Paso” is the mature fruit of a pop star who has lived her life authentically, with no fucks left to be given.

Oliver Maier: The raw reggaeton materials are there, but no one on “Cambia el Paso” is really sure what to do with them. Everything sounds a little listless, a bit confused. Things approach coherence on the hook, but it’s nothing you’d return to after the fact.

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One Response to “Jennifer Lopez ft. Rauw Alejandro – Cambia el Paso”

  1. the spoken word hook reminded me of the “one-two cha-cha-cha” from Madonna’s “Medellin” but executed far far better