Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Five Finger Death Punch – Darkness Settles In

Who’s up for some metal?

John Pinto: WWE 2K14 Character Creator load screen music, but executed with such clear intent and sincerity that you have to give them credit for it.

Edward Okulicz: Aspiring to the wonderful, overblown heights of Metallica’s self-titled 1992 album is something most hard rock bands should get over themselves and try at least once. This isn’t doing it, though it certainly scales the heights of, say, Daughtry covering “The Unforgiven II.”

Ian Mathers: Okay, I’m not super knowledgable about Metallica, but it feels like I want to blame “Until It Sleeps” for what’s happening here. But at least that still felt closer to metal than the hunger dunger dang shit on display here.

Andrew Karpan: Stadium-bar-band takes on various modes of glam metal’s more melodic efforts; the record moves from one to the other with a diligence that’s almost mesmerizing, if largely uninspiring. To wit, while none of the lyrics benefit from being written down and read quietly, singer Ivan Moody nonetheless makes at least half of them sound strange, panicked and real.

Jeffrey Brister: It’s a somewhat toothless and schmaltzy metalcore tune, but it’s the right kind of corny. The drums hit just right, the chorus vamps and growls in all of the correct ways. It’s a pleasurable listening experience if you’re on its wavelength. It feels practically tailor-made to play over the end credits of an overly yellow action movie from the mid-’00s, the kind of song that gets me jumping around in my room, and listening on my headphones later as I write stories about my own gritted teeth superheroes.

Iain Mew: A trudge over well-trodden ground, improved by making that weary familiarity part of the point: darkness as an old friend.

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2 Responses to “Five Finger Death Punch – Darkness Settles In”

  1. I can’t really be bothered to muster any interest in this band, ESPECIALLY after that awful anti-mask music video they had last year

  2. Their next single: an updated cover of “Ballad of the Green Berets.”

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