Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Joel Corry x Jax Jones ft. Charli XCX and Saweetie – Out Out

Leçons to be learned


Iain Mew: How UK club pop sounds in a nation opening up amidst an ongoing pandemic is a question for listeners as well as those making the music. Perhaps it’s just me that hears in the title line an echo of Kylie Minogue looking mortality in the face and singing “I want to go out dancing”. Whether the apocalyptic angle is deliberate or not, managing to take “Alors on Danse” and make it sound even more blank and alienated is a hell of a way to heighten it.

Scott Mildenhall: Stromae was so open about the composition of “Alors on Danse” that he repeatedly showed people how to put it together, so this might not surprise him — it’s certainly highly predictable. With that said, perhaps “Out Out” is the double jab for the double jab moment, blithely subverting the subversion of the original in wholehearted embrace of The Club and continental holidays — reassuringly uninspired. Be cynical if you will — these four certainly have been.

Juana Giaimo: The kind of dance music that relies almost solely on being loud. 

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: This is so interstitial in vibe that I couldn’t focus on it at all until my third listen. It just sounds so much like the 40th minute in an EDM headliner’s 90 minute festival set — none of the excitement of the first run, but not deep enough into the groove to reach even accidental glory. Bad choices abound — “Alors on Danse” doesn’t deserve this, and neither does Saweetie, who raps for 18 seconds total on a track that could’ve used her.

Oliver Maier: If there’s any trend that doesn’t really need reviving then it’s the detuned horn loops of the early 2010’s, particularly if it’s done by butchering one of the few songs that pulled it off. Shitty horns are better suited to Stromae’s crise existentielle than to Charli and Saweetie’s rather bland night out.

Will Adams: Unlike “Big Hoops,” “Alors On Danse” isn’t in need of a reappraisal, so putting a house donk on it doesn’t feel necessary. That’s probably why Charli and Saweetie are here; their contributions are serviceable — if unremarkable — enough that I’d sway to this with a vodka soda in hand.

Danilo Bortoli: This could have been the much-needed 2021 version of “anthems.” After all, she wanted to feel the “heat from all the bodies”. As it turns out, it seems reopening didn’t go according to plan, and this is the mediocre, generic dance track we’ve got stuck with.

William John: No one else really springs to mind as best embodying the Jekyll and Hyde archetype in modern pop than Charli XCX — locals know her best for “Boom Clap,” an anaemic iteration of her early signature sound, or as a bit part on songs like “Fancy” or BTS’ “Dream Glow,” and even the collaborations on her self-titled album with half the Singles Jukebox Sidebar had the air of a focus group. Contrast all that with the spontaneity and futurism of works like “Grins,” her songs with SOPHIE, Pop 2, or last year’s How I’m Feeling Now, conceived almost entirely in quarantine and over Instagram Live: these have all had little to no chart impact but carry, arguably, significant cultural heft. We’re about to get a new Charli single this week to begin her “sellout” era, but with “Out Out” that seems to have well and truly begun; borrowing elements from “1, 2 Step,” “Alors on Danse” and lyrical tropes from the 2012 Mayan Prophecy era that now scan as truly quaint, this is suited probably to no other context other than being a few double vodka-Red Bulls deep. Though it’s far uglier than most of Joel Corry’s previous Love Islandcore, and though the length of Saweetie’s verse threatens to redefine the term “cameo,” if it all helps fund another “detonate” then I can begrudgingly allow it.

Tobi Tella: Charli’s charisma as a vocalist makes me want to forgive the inane lyrics, but ultimately for a song with the producers credited, there’s nothing here outside the sample. No one likes an imitateur, Joel.

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