Friday, September 10th, 2021

Sleepy Hallow – 2055

The boy is nice, but what about the song?


Katie Gill: So does this “Peaches,” Masked Wolf, “Build a Bitch” genre have an official name yet? The genre where the song is build entirely around a 10-30 second hook, used exclusively to back TikTok videos, and awkwardly padded out to a 2-3 minute track so that the artist can toss it up on Youtube and Spotify and get chump change from the views. Because if not, at this point, somebody really needs to come up with a snappy name. It’s a good hook. It’s pleasantly lethargic — Sleepy Hallow isn’t really doing much on this track, but it’s a track that isn’t designed to do much in the first place. In fact, it feels like every sort of TikTok bgm track that’s gotten popular: ephemeral background noise. Points for the optimism, though: I highly doubt we’ll have those parties in the sky by 2055, it’s gonna be at least 2155 at the earliest.

Nortey Dowuona: One nice guitar lick is enough for a simple beat, with wilted vocals that can’t snatch away the interest from Sleepy this time. Unfortunately, his lyrics and low, dulled tone can’t drag your attention away from the intrusive vocal sample and the humming in the back. I do like the beef/fries punchline though.

Thomas Inskeep: At least this bore of a hip hop record (whining over an acoustic guitar, how original) is only 2:02. Unfortunately, that’s still 2:02 of my life I’ll never have back, complete with inane lyrics like “Heart cold like some water with some ice.”

Mark Sinker: A snapshot of one of those scenes in a half-good sci-fi thriller which afterwards we return to bcz the mood and the look of the moment are so much richer than the actual story (which you all saw elsewhere a hundred times).

Edward Okulicz: If you told me that someone had invented a rap version of a Vocaloid, I’d be sceptical, but having heard this, not entirely dismissive of the idea. Because really, this does sound like a 30 second TikTok thing that someone needed to beef up to full length (2 minutes, of course), and maybe they  used some super-advanced extrapolation technique to do it.

Tim de Reuse: Straightforward, twangy, sonically unambitious; under most lyricists, good for a yawn and not much more. The melancholy here is intense enough to be compelling on its own, though — note the immaculately crafted refrain “Heart cold like some water and some ice,” made all the more self-deprecating by its clunkiness. Most tunes that contain a line like “I don’t really want friends” don’t make it believable, but I think I believe this one.

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