Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Tolliver – Don’t Go

Well… the video has expensive looking looks, at least?


Austin Nguyen: A barometer for how fucked up 2021 has become: For the first time since 2015, I like — or, at the very least — can tolerate a Justin Bieber song. Paranormal phenomenon has its reasons, of course: Anything that isn’t MLK-sampling wife-guy balladry in the vein of bootleg Ed Sheeran is at least a [1], and if it also isn’t Bieber salivating over sex like that one video of Noah Centineo in a mall, then it’s a [2]. The fact that there are actual verses, however done to death its wordplay is (“masterpiece”/”pieces”/”peace”), and Bieber isn’t just belt-squeaking for a TikTok hit helps, too. In other words, there’s an actual song here — one that feels like, of all things, three Kehlani songs jolted together in a blender, minus the slide-whistling synth. Bieber has never actually sounded sweet, sexy, or savage, but this is probably the closest he’ll ever get.

Nortey Dowuona: I mean, the crinkling guitar above the wilting vocal sample and soft focus drums with the cowardly bongos sounds good, and Justin and Don sound good on it. But should we be encouraging any of these men in continuing this?

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: Anemic and substance-less in comparison to Justin Bieber’s iconic collaborations with Skrillex; it’s hard to be dismissive of Don Toliver when there’s not much to dismiss. 

Alfred Soto: Cynical tracks like “Don’t Go” should offer more for the experience than Justin Bieber’s Windex falsetto, the mildest of trap beats, and singing credits that read like an FBI most-wanted list.

Hazel Southwell: Honestly I really like this. I think it has virtually no musical merit but I can absolutely see myself vibing to it at some awful place I can’t afford the drinks in and it’ll probably be the best song played that night. It’s got vibes much bigger than it can deliver on melody, delivery or flow but it works somehow, as a quixotic bit of background noise clearly designed for that. But what the heck is Skrillex doing doing that?

Andrew Karpan: Subjects so often loses their permanence in Bieber records lately; the more he tells us how much Hailey Baldwin has changed his life, the less she seems to exist as a real human being. It is fitting that in his latest romantic proclamation, then, he begs her not to leave the palace of love he continues to build her. “My vital OG, that’s all on the record, you make me better,” he cries, the kind of affirmation Bieber has become better at delivering to groceries. Skrillex, who once helped remake Bieber as our generation’s premier sadboy, creates a thin background of slightly effeminate cooing and last year’s golden-voiced trap hitmaker Don Tolliver can be heard muttering something about late night calls. In the clip, the three men make these statements while surrounded by objects plucked seemingly from an auction catalog. (A stuffed moose figures prominently, if inexplicably — presumably “to show you what you’re worth.”).

Juana Giaimo: Not to criticize the Jukebox’s selectors committee, but I feel we cover a Justin Bieber song every week, and all of them sound more or less the same: a trap influenced beat, his boyish soft tone with a little bit of Auto-Tune and some guest artist we don’t care a lot about. It’s trendy and sometimes fun, but he’s also turning everyday more anonymous. I need him to disappear for two years, please.

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2 Responses to “Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Tolliver – Don’t Go”

  1. So many good reviews here for a rather not interesting song!!

  2. The video is particularly hilarious for the opportunity to see Skrillex bobbing around like the member of a boyband that never gets a solo, or even close to the microphone.

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