Monday, January 24th, 2011

Dr Dre ft. Akon & Snoop Dogg – Kush



David Moore: The broken-coffee-maker drip of Dre songs continues with one that doesn’t hold a candle to the T.I.-fronted “Shit Popped Off,” my #1 “single” of 2009 whose only official appearance since was in the background of a Dr. Pepper commercial. If we’re only getting one or two of these a year, though, I suppose I should appreciate the tired-but-passable Dre/Snoop interplay, decent Akon hook, and vintage Dre head-bob modified with some Timbaland rigid futurism. I recommend Dre follow Timbaland’s “Timbo Thursday” lead (following Kanye’s “G.O.O.D. Friday” lead) and just release one of these damn things a week so we wouldn’t have to review all of them over the course of a decade.

Martin Skidmore: As usual, I dislike the autotuning, which sounds particularly harsh on this. Dre has never been a great rapper, but I always like Snoop. The piano riff is good here, but it’s all a bit restrained and even a little dull – the old subject matter (blunts) is rather tedious by now, too.

Alfred Soto: As usual Dre has little of interest to say and is self-righteous about it, but Akon does his noise-as-hook thing, Snoop is Snoop, and the DJ Khalil production sounds fresh. Still, you’d think that three men whose collective age exceeds Ronald Reagan’s in 1981 could rap about something else besides being high as motherfuckas — like, say, mowing the lawn or keeping an eye on the birdbath.

Mallory O’Donnell: I like pot too, but do folks really still call it the bomb bomb diggy?

Chuck Eddy: This inhales and exhales okay as long as it stays an infinitely reduced re-run of the chronic Dre and Snoop were smoking decades ago. But as soon as Akon shows up, it devolves into a pathetic and clueless attempt to keep up with the kids today.

Al Shipley: The ultimate folly of Detox‘s ridiculously prolonged gestation period: if Dre had made the album way back when he said he would, before a stroke sidelined old sideman Nate Dogg 3 years ago, we’d almost certainly hear his voice on this instead of mediocre descendant Akon and that anonymous soundalike that pops up here and there. But even Nate wouldn’t have been able to save this drudgery.

Jonathan Bogart: It’s entirely possible that I’ll come to my senses in a couple weeks’ time and realize that this doesn’t bang as hard as I thought it did, that divorced from both g-funk nostalgia and the mysterious glamour of the video it’s just a lot of self-caricatured mumbling about weed over some too-classy loops, but right now it’s the highlight of a drive home, the extended outro bumping and glistening, too dark and chromatic for this earth.

Michaelangelo Matos: Put it on without paying any real attention to who it was (let’s say the song’s subject matched my mood) and my unconscious thought was, “Stupid lyric, but that track is pretty fabulous.” Well, of course: Dr. Dre is the king of that shit. It’s funny how I almost never know it’s him when he’s rapping; he’s just so indistinct timbrally and in delivery. But then Snoop arrives, his cadence all over the place, and what do you know, the track makes Akon sound not horrible. That’s progress.

2 Responses to “Dr Dre ft. Akon & Snoop Dogg – Kush”

  1. Dre is slowly turning into Lord Voldemort.

  2. I was right and have come to my senses. Today the most memorable thing about the song is how feeble Dre’s “Andre three thousand and one! one! one! one!” diss is. Bumping Andre 3000 up by one bespeaks a fatal lack of imagination; meanwhile, in his recent remix of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy,” the Other Dre casually drops “Andre six thousand” like he could go on multiplying all night.