Friday, November 12th, 2021

Nardo Wick ft. Lil Durk, 21 Savage & G Herbo – Who Want Smoke

How to address stale smoke? Air Wick.


Andrew Karpan: The Florida rapper’s voice elevates the twinkling, ominous beats’ slasher movie cheapness into almost visible menace. The slack cadence and the way his threats give way to moans are scarier than the record’s percussive flow, a force that the verses emailed in from a random cadre of somewhat stale rappers can’t quite match. By all rights, 21 Savage should be the one hitting the guest spot out the park — Nardo Wick’s whole bit brings to mind the brooding mercilessness of 21’s breakout tape, Savage Mode. But instead, the postures feel foreign on all three and evoke only distant shadows lingering around what they once were.

Jacob Sujin Kuppermann: The guests are good but unremarkable — they’ve essentially all done these verses before (give or take 21’s percussion choices.) They’re solid enough that Nardo Wick can’t fail his own song, and otherwise it gets by fine on the aura of vague menace.

Claire Biddles: That ghostly whistling synth line in the distance that sometimes morphs into a siren is — for me — by far the most intriguing part of “Who Want Smoke??”, which probably tells you that I’m not its target audience.

Thomas Inskeep: Nasty, violence-baiting hip hop that has no use whatsoever, from a crew of middling-to-poor rappers. Fuck this noise.

Ian Mathers: Not really sure whether this counts as state of the art in the odd little arms race to see who can be the most simultaneously diffident and menacing (I only check in every so often) but it sure as fuck works. Special mention to Nardo Wick being seemingly only slightly arsed to pronounce syllables in the first place, and the multiple variations on the “what the fuck is that?” sinister stamping/clapping/rattling bit.

Nortey Dowuona: OK! another round of verse scoring! first, the beat is eerie synths and heavy bass stabs circled by rattling percussion and applauding snares. ok, now for the rappers: Nardo Wick. he sounds ok, he has a nice voice, bars are not memorable. 4. Durk. HE IS MAD, YALL. 7. 21 savage. Imagine if TI was even lazier. 5. g herbo. THAT’S THAT BROTHER HERBO! 9 – wait, what’s that noise?

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