Thursday, November 18th, 2021

ArrDee – Flowers (Say My Name)

“If we wanted to right now, we could drop three albums… On my phone, I think — I don’t know the exact number — but it’s somewhere like 565 separate note files, and most of them are full songs.”


Thomas Inskeep: Cocky like only a 19-year-old boy can be, both of the turn-of-the-century sample/interpolations here are wasted on ArrDee’s empty boasts.

Andy Hutchins: The germ of a significantly better song is here: Swap out the garage sample for Destiny’s Child and build the song out around that with more of an R&B tint and/or make a song with room for ArrDee to rap double-digit bars from his paramours’ perspectives into an actual duet that gives a woman agency. The brains behind “Flowers” thought “I don’t give girl flowers / I’ll give you good wood, though” was funny, though, so why give credit for the shape of the negative space?

Nortey Dowuona: The blooming synths over the wobbly drill drums sound absolutely beautiful, but ArrDee… you know that great Now post about how J. Cole makes the female perspective only a 2D representation? ArrDee kinda does that here. Second verse is pretty good tho.

Wayne Weizhen Zhang: ArrDee fumbles the two different samples with equal disdain and clumsiness. To take an iconic Destiny’s Child cut and render it this feckless is criminal. 

Mark Sinker: He wants me to hate it and I want to hate it also, except that little naughty-pixie skip, so cheeky, so brazen, so unsurprising, is also why he knows he always gets away with it — and that’s the subject matter here and he lands on it so exactly. Of course you side with her, everyone sides with her, he knows that. Is he getting all the action he indicates? Not all, but also not none… 

Alfred Soto: The friction between the wide-grinned generosity of the Destiny’s Child sample and ArrDee’s meatheaded boasts fascinates me. He has nothing to say, thoughtless in the way only young (and old) men are, but he’s assured about it.

Ian Mathers: ArrDee’s not exactly the first dude to prosper by giving other young men the soundtrack to their fantasies of being able to treat other people like shit without repercussions. He is even harder to sit through than a lot of his ilk, though, because of his reliance on total dumbshit choruses packed-to-bursting with lines that you can just tell this little shithead thinks are “clever” and repeats often enough to bleed any worth out of them. There are songs and artists that leave you marvelling at just how seductive they can make being an asshole seem, but when you fuck up that very tricky balance you just wind up with detritus like this. There’s also far more good music out there about the kind of wreckage these pricks leave in their wake than they’ve made themselves over the years, even just on a sonic level. “Credit” to him for not doing a middle eight where he pretends he even vaguely cares about another human being, I guess.

Scott Mildenhall: Well don’t you get it Bart? Derivative ArrDee equals joyless iteration: ArrDee blah blah.

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One Response to “ArrDee – Flowers (Say My Name)”

  1. No shots at anyone’s ears or labeling, but: There isn’t actually a “Say My Name” sample here, is there? The Sweet Female Attitude vocal sample is obvious, but I can’t hear any of the production or vocals of of “Say My Name” in the production here, and so I think it’s pure interpolation (with ArrDee stretching it to “Say my name (repeat 3X)” when the original was (repeat 2X).”

    If I’m wrong, I wanna hear why!

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