Friday, November 26th, 2021

Silk Sonic – Smokin Out the Window

“Turkey” has multiple definitions…


Al Varela: Silk Sonic is three for three on singles. I loved the romantic suave of the first two, but there’s something so refreshing about the third being so petty and mean. Just as flashy and showy, but Anderson .Paak and especially Bruno spew so much cheery venom against a gold-digging ex that you can’t help but delight in their bitterness. It’s one of those songs where the verses are just as wonderful as the chorus, but the chorus has the upper hand by the end with Bruno’s passionate falsetto. He’s the MVP of the song of course, but Anderson .Paak deserves just as much credit for having more attitude in his delivery. Once again, Silk Sonic has proved to be one of the most inspired musical ideas in recent memory, and the songs have only gotten better and better.

Alfred Soto: A necrophiliac feels an attraction to corpses. These dudes pretend the corpses are alive.

Leah Isobel: There’s a chapter in Prostitute Laundry where Charlotte Shane talks about a client named Bill. Bill fell in love with a stripper named Melody and spent incredible amounts of money on her; his love for her is self-regarding, and Melody doesn’t reciprocate at all. But he justifies his generosity — correctly — by saying that everything he gives to her, he gives freely. “Smokin Out the Window” is Bill without his speck of self-awareness.

Claire Biddles: Pretty audacious that Bruno “take my wallet if you want it” Mars is now complaining that presumably the same bitch has got him payin’ her rent — if you’re going to lavishly offer a gal everything she wants then don’t come crying after she has taken you up on that very same offer, babe! Anyway I am an absolute sucker for Mars, Anderson .Paak and all those other pastiche boys, and this is as slick and well written as I’d expect. Sometimes it’s nice to just give your brain a three-minute break and enjoy something extremely familiar!

Thomas Inskeep: Their retro ’70s soul schtick, as enjoyable and well-crafted as it is, is starting to wear thin — and what’s with the insistence on referring to a woman as a “bitch”? I don’t need that in my life.

Tobi Tella: It’s a little juvenile, more than a little misogynistic, and sounds like something .Paak would reject and Bruno wouldn’t make a single. At the same time, I have a heart and a slight nicotine fixation, and I can’t say the song doesn’t cultivate a specific vibe. Like a lot of Silk Sonic songs, it lives and dies on the charisma of its performers — give it to someone less likable and it ends up as completely mid lazy pastiche. At least now it can exist as pretty fun lazy pastiche!

Jessica Doyle: I liked “Not to be dramatic, but I wanna die,” but that’s the only element you can’t get from, say, SomaFM’s Seven Inch Soul channel. (Also: gentlemen, I am glad you value your lungs, but if you’re not going to smoke them or hold them convincingly, maybe consign yourselves to the purely metaphorical. It’s not like there’s a window in the video!)

Nortey Dowuona: Bruno sounds tender yet rigid, while Anderson sounds tender yet rubbery, both tangled in the anguish they feel while the loping bass and slippery drums swing swiftly below them. They settle only when they’re the most uncertain and anguished, leaving Anderson to hold up all the humor while Bruno cannot break from his rigid idea of his supposedly benevolent chump, no matter how much misogyny ripples beneath it.

Ian Mathers: The sonic vibes are immaculate, the lyrical vibes… less so. Still, I can’t remember the last time an unsatisfying single made me go “maybe I should just listen to the Delfonics for a while”, so there’s that. If we get lucky it might spur more throwbacks in this style that are, uh, better.

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  1. I haven’t blurbed in a month because of a new job and then vacation, but this would’ve been an easy [8] for me. Honestly, I hated Leave the Door Open when it first came out, but the album turned me around on it and shook up my end of year rankings a good bit.

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