Monday, December 6th, 2021

Leon Bridges ft. Jazmine Sullivan – Summer Rain

Song title also serves as the current weather forecast for Sydney…


Dorian Sinclair: “You’re speaking a language no-one speaks, in a room that don’t exist — I’m just gonna shut up and bear witness”, is really an extraordinarily beautiful opening line. After that, the groundedness of the second verse, its reliance on concrete, physical imagery, is really effectively contrasted. Overall, the simplicity and laid-back energy of “Summer Rain” works in its favour, and Bridges and Sullivan’s voices blend beautifully — but with how relaxed the song is, the ending feels jarringly abrupt, cutting things off just when you’re expecting them to crest.

Leah Isobel: That sudden stop at the end is kind of hilarious. It’s like the phone is ringing, or the oven is going off; the mundane slices the moment in half. In its way, it’s just as adult as the innuendo.

Juana Giaimo: A male raspy voice and female silky voice singing a slow sexy song that can somehow manage to use sauna as an empty metaphor.  I guess it’s nice restaurant music.

Nortey Dowuona: Leon Bridges’s smooth, buzzy tenor is so sweet it doesn’t matter in which context it goes, and the plush, slick bass and soft, nearly flattened drums allow him and Jasmine’s rippling, gorgeous voice to spread as wide and full as they can, with little breakdowns in which the guitar and pianos are laid away for Leon, then Jasmine to croon across the guitar strumming. Leon falters, but Jasmine strides forward confidently, unfazed and unintimidated, goading Leon to follow her, and he, his confidence sky high, follows.

Alfred Soto: The faux swampy air to the mix and the warmth of the singers are the best things about this hand-me-down.

Claire Biddles: Two stunning soul voices with chemistry, let down by a meandering structure and whoever refused to politely ask them to cut down the competitive X Factor warbling.

Thomas Inskeep: Perfectly polite, languid soul of the Legend-ary ilk. Too polite, in fact.

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