Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Amnesty 2021 + Coming Soon: Reader’s Week

Entries for reader’s week has closed!

Yesterday’s posts represent the end of our regular coverage for the year. As we approach (at long last) the end of 2021, it is time for Amnesty Week(s)! Our annual feature — where our writers hand-pick singles we didn’t get to from this year — begins today and will run for this week through the next.

But we also want to hear from you, the readers, so we are once again hosting Reader’s Week, which will run following Amnesty. That means you can select any single from this year we missed and make us write about it! Just make sure it’s a song that can, by most metrics, qualify as a “single”, because, well, it’s our namesake, after all.

To suggest a song, please email including your choice of song and artist, a YouTube/Spotify/something link and why you chose it. You are also strongly encouraged (though not obligated) to submit a blurb with a score from 0 to 10, TSJ-style, and it will be published on the site alongside our reviews.

You have until 11:59pm on Tuesday 14 December 2021 to make your suggestion. When it hits midnight in whatever part of the world is last to hit midnight, that’s when we’ll close.

Looking forward to seeing what you send!

With love,

The TSJ team

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