Friday, April 10th, 2009

Smashproof ft. Gin – Brother

New Zealand rap trio mime driving much better than La Roux…


Martin Kavka: This has been #1 on New Zealand for almost the last two months. Although I can’t quite see the song extending its success beyond its borders, it’s certainly better than “I’ll Be Missing You.”

Dave Moore: Clucking tongues (tick tock) and sweep synths brighten up and lift up (respectively) a trite, soggy aspirational anthem about finding your way through ghetto life as your loved ones leave you, voluntarily or not. It’s no “Crossroads,” but it kind of works. Warning: includes aimless 45-second spoken intro.

Briony Edwards: Woah, deep intro alert. Sounds like a GCSE drama class monologue, or a recording of a Step Up 2: The Streets bit-part audition. However, when the actual song kicks in, it’s actually quite nice. Mellow and unchallenging, and has a sound very reminiscent of Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack, but with more of a garage spin. Quite sweet lyrics, and a catchy but simple chorus. A lot of positive elements which come together nicely.

Edward Okulicz: Too good-natured to hate, really. But it’s not edgy enough to be memorable or catchy enough to sit airily in the brain – the music is a lightweight as the sentiment, though doubtless Smashproof think both are pretty deep.

Rodney J. Greene: The lyrics are overly earnest and they can’t really flow, while Gin sounds distressingly like Macy Gray, but this is idiosyncratic and breezy enough that I feel a measure of good will toward it.

Martin Skidmore: The lyrics are conscious and impossible to disapprove of, but I wish the beats were less flimsy and the flow less lame.

Additional Scores

Hillary Brown: [6]
Ian Mathers: [5]

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