Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Nicolas Jaar – Keep Me There

I couldn’t quite figure out what the single was, so I landed on this – will it stick?…


Kat Stevens: This is kind of like walking into a small modern art exhibition where there are various objects carefully placed in a blank white room. Each object is well crafted but not particularly thought-provoking. You can’t quite understand how they’re linked together and once you’ve looked around for 5 minutes you shuffle out to the next room, scratching your head and wondering if there was meant to be some great statement you were too dim to understand or if it was just a pile of stuff.

Jer Fairall: Finally gets interesting at 3:00 in, when the squonky jazz bits rudely interrupt the chill, stoned atmosphere, but rather than causing the destruction that I’ve been frankly hoping for all along, they just kinda usher themselves out without much incident. Boo.

Martin Skidmore: This is hard to categorise: random glitchy, squelching and clicking noises, bits of piano, Jaar (presumably) going “duh duh duh” to suggest a tune, a bit of talking, a pretty decent bit of sax. Don’t ask me to explain it and I can’t say it was fun or exciting, but I stayed reasonably intrigued for its five minutes, which surprised me. Is IDM back?

Alfred Soto: Why do I listen to Nicholas Jaar when James Blake goes directly into the recycle bin? He’s not afraid to be a dork. The vocal hook is almost as insinuating as the piano, so that for once the title is subtle instead of obvious.

Iain Mew: I think I prefer my low key, semi-comatose dance to emphasise being pretty and electronic, rather than humourous and jazzy, but this is still hypnotising stuff.

Jonathan Bogart: As a collection of discrete sounds, piled up into a thoughtful if never very compelling dance nod track, it’s won me over. Unfortunately I can’t use it for anything but appreciating it: the sudden interjection of sampled speech pulls me out of the mesh and by the time I find my way back in, it’s over.

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