Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Miguel – Sure Thing

He’s become a lot more Googlable lately…


Michaelangelo Matos: Cute lyrics, decent execution, singer’s a little faint.

Martin Skidmore: I rather like his voice, which has a crispness that reminds me some UK garage of years back. There’s a relaxed feel to this that is very appealing, and a likeable fondness in the lyric and delivery, though I could have done without the repeated screwed-down vocal line, which for me breaks the mood some.

Josh Langhoff: I’m all for singing random metaphors, but not because you’re too sleepy to come up with anything else. That said, I do like the random Bob George voice that butts in every so often to deliver the hook, if that’s what that is.

Al Shipley: The nasal vocal, almost unintelligibly screwed sample hook, whiney synth line and timid beat somehow add up to something seductively singular and strangely addictive.

Jer Fairall: “You be the [something], I’ll be the [something else that typically compliments the previous something]” is a laughably tired lyrical trope, but there’s a lithe, seductive smoothness to both the understated production and his creamy voice that almost — ALMOST — forgives the sheer lameness of his pick-up lines.

Alfred Soto: So simple is its commitment to a kind of unhistrionic erotic desperation that I almost threw it away. I didn’t expect his restraint to sound sexy beside the high mournful wind instrument hooting in the background. I especially love his immersion in sound for its own sake.

Katherine St Asaph: Fantastic verses, decent crackle of a beat, strong singing, then things peter out where the chorus isn’t. I’m particularly baffled at how Miguel managed to go suddenly flat on the song’s title.

2 Responses to “Miguel – Sure Thing”

  1. This gets better every time I hear it, definitely would’ve upped to an 8 or 9 if I’d written my blurb a week or two later.

  2. Yeah, I wish I got to this, definite [8]. First time I heard it on the radio I had to text some lyrics to myself to Google it later, which is something I haven’t been doing much lately.