Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Nicki Minaj – Girls Fall Like Dominoes

No video for this, so here’s a lovely close-up of Him Out Of The Big Pink’s face…


Erick Bieritz: These girls fall like toyyy sol- er, dominoes, sure. After a couple bad duets with uncomplimentary partners in “Moment 4 Life” and “I Ain’t Thru,” it’s good to hear Nicki breezily unencumbered, with a track to herself. And a 4AD sample. And cashew puns!

Jonathan Bogart: Borrowing someone else’s hook is a good strategy for Nicki, who tends to go all flat and affectless when she does her own, but the dude declaiming provides another kind of flattening: is this supposed to be Nicki as Queen Bitch versus all the Little Bitches, or are they an Army of Bitches together? Gotta be the latter, right, because not even the most overblown egomania is going to step to Beyoncé. Right?

Jer Fairall: Less inclusive than Beyonce and Gaga’s recent empowerment anthems, but Nicki’s having loads more fun globetrotting with her fellow divas, stealing women from her male counterparts just because she can, possibly hooking up with transsexuals for the same reason and dropping hilarious references to Eddie Murphy films all while obliterating the oppressive sentiment of the titular big Britpop hook with the unstoppable force of her delirious, contagious enthusiasm. Whose party would you rather crash?

Asher Steinberg: I believe a song of this sort is supposed to be fun. But this just sounds like someone reading their shopping list, or bragging about the vast variety of artisanal organic breads they have at home in their pantry. Who knew objectifying women could be so boring?

Anthony Easton: Minaj is not falling at all — is she not a girl, or does she work as a corrective against the misogyny of the text? It could be argued, but the maximalist production and the capitalist excess would suggest otherwise. Makes no sense, but horribly seductive, plus the Grace Jones reference is worth at least a point.

Ian Mathers: I actually can’t tell whether Minaj has repurposed the sample from a very risible song to good effect or not, mainly because I don’t think I follow what’s actually happening in the song. I’d investigate further, but the end turns into such an interminable precession of refrains I don’t think I want to.

Doug Robertson: Miss Minaj strides across this like a boot heavy soldier, each step a kick in not only the right direction, but the only possible direction. She owns this track, this street, this city, and has first dibs on your first born child as well. This is immense. And to think the Big Pink reckoned that Xbox commercial was their best shot at a valid pension plan.

Kat Stevens: Super-disappointed by this. I hadn’t listened to Pink Friday in a while and remembered liking this song, only to realise I was was actually still thinking of “Moment 4 Life” and that this song wasn’t actually *on* my version of Pink Friday at all. The chords are too basic and Nicki is rapping in her sleep.

Alfred Soto: Recasting a piece of white sexist British smut as an anthem of female solidarity, Minaj scores her most ingratiating hit yet. She’s also clever enough to note that girls can have fun by hitting divas like Mariah Carey. Docked a notch because the background synths sound spongy.

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  1. you guys don’t review “super bass”?

  2. I think you all are just buying into the concept here and not reviewing the song.