Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne – Motivation

He can see down her dress, can’t he?…


Asher Steinberg: Ooh, “Rock the Boat” re-imagined as a Simon Says-style sex instruction video, minus the talent of the original. Great idea, Jim Jonsin! These might be the least sexy four minutes of pop that were intended to be sexy in the history of mankind, not least because of Mr. Rainforest.

Katherine St Asaph: Not that I’ve tested this, but “I believe in you” does not sound like it would go over well in bed. And if things are in fact going over well, wouldn’t your partner be sufficiently motivated? You wouldn’t need this cooing or spare production, although perhaps it makes things more exciting for Kelly or (an oddly sedate) Weezy. Not my place to argue.

Ian Mathers: Given how many songs are about sex, it’s surprisingly rare to find one that’s frank about its subject matter and still, well, sexy, but both Kelly and Wayne manage to pull this one off. I love the spare, slightly chilly production, the stop-start rhythms of the chorus, and even most of Wayne’s verse (I think it’s been evident from my last few blurbs of his work that I think he’s been running on empty for a bit now). Unlike most of the sex jams we get here at the Jukebox, “Motivation” sounds like it’s being done by people who have actually had sex, and that makes a big difference.

Al Shipley: Poor, poor Kelly; she finally left the Matthew Knowles roost a couple years ago, and got over her self-defeating bridesmaid complex enough to try and launch a solo album during the lull between Beyonce blockbusters. But after a couple of initial attempts missed, she finally started to get some commercial momentum with a genuinely good, alluringly sexy song right on the eve of another avalanche of B hits. Sure, it’s doing better than “Run The World,” but you know that’s a temporary victory.

Jer Fairall: I can’t not like those glassy, ominous keys, which I’d go so far as to call “cinematic” if the cinema in question can be those gritty early 80s quasi-exploitation urban dramas like Vice Squad or 10 to Midnight. But even with Wayne’s “meh” of a verse, it’s pretty sad when Kelly still comes off as the least necessary thing here.

Alex Ostroff: For the first time since the days of Destiny’s Child, Kelly is hitting me harder than Beyoncé. “Motivation” is smoother, more sultry, more…everything. The synths fall like drops of sweat, the echoed “Go!”s ascend, Kelly’s voice creeps glacially down the octave and back up, layering itself into gorgeous harmonies around 2:18, and the whole thing sounds like dancing with someone in a humid club in the middle of July.

Jonathan Bogart: The production is spare without making use of its dynamics, Weezy sounds as uninvested as Drizzy. She’s great as always, but she needs collaborators who give as much of a damn as she does.

Frank Kogan: Though this is a track that tests my vaunted ability to ignore words (Wayne going “I put her on my plate, then I do the dishes” pulls me up every time), and in the dark I’m calling RiRi’s name, not Kelly’s, I really do feel the night, the slow mood, the music like bits of glimmer and glitter.

4 Responses to “Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne – Motivation”

  1. Not that I’ve tested this, but “I believe in you” does not sound like it would go over well in bed.

    Supposing that Leda had formerly been a confirmed atheist, the line might make sense addressed to Zeus (though given the situation, I doubt that motivation would have been an issue).

  2. Lil Wayne is asleep here.

  3. Silly Mathers, these people have only had sex by proxy.

  4. Note that this includes Lil Wayne, who has had sex with everyone by proxy. EVERYONE.