Friday, July 22nd, 2011

JLS ft. Dev – She Makes Me Wanna

So just in case you were wondering – that is Oritse…


Jer Fairall: …sing like an anemic Backstreet Boy? Cop J-Lo’s weird “Af-ree-kah” pronunciation from “On The Floor?” Throw in a few robot belches? What?

Martin Skidmore: I’ve not been especially taken by them as performers, but this is a decent production, bouncy and lively dance pop. Then again, I don’t much care for the coy chorus, I don’t think Dev adds anything very useful, and there are a couple of awkward moments, so I’m still not converted.

Katherine St Asaph: “She Makes Me Wanna” isn’t a song so much as an experiment from the same pop scientists who brought us “It’s OK.” Only they’ve consolidated things due to funding cuts and are trying simultaneously to determine the precise worth of the “Yeah 3x” hook without its contaminant of a vocalist; whether the “Africa” pronunciation from “On the Floor” has any worth at all and whether anyone’ll notice that they’ve done J. Lo one worse and squashed together cities, continents and countries; whether you can get away with “direct me to…” in a lyric; and whether Ke$ha dilutes Dev or vice versa, and how little of each they can put in. In other words, it fails both as a song and as an application of the scientific method, but the Dev hypothesis could use further investigation.

Frank Kogan: Pretty boys give this above-average fizz and shine, then Dev drops in like a dream, obliviously sexy, flying over buildings, lazing under palms, ice skating (? — or maybe she’s just lolling about in a dry-for-summer rink); and now all the pretty-boy harmonies are for her.

Alfred Soto: Dev is the only one involved who sounds as if she could fly over buildings, although the multiracial threats with the impressive biceps acquit themselves just fine. I even forgive them for pronouncing “Africa” like LFO might have.

Zach Lyon: It’s not easy to set yourself apart from every single track on the Hot 100 when every part of your song sounds like it was taken from every single track on the Hot 100. Except for Dev’s line about “bubblegum drinks,” which is more of a sore thumb.

Brad Shoup: Forty years hence, someone’s gonna collect and issue house-pop on bootleg comps. Idiots on streaming-video sites will garner likes for typing twaddle like “thumbs up if the 10s had the BEST music!!” and other idiots will garner roughly the same amount of likes for typing “dese kids dont understand that O-Town came first, smh”. Oh, and Andrew WK will be mayor of New York City. He’ll either look like he’s 25 or 90. Dev will still be trying to get this verse out.

Ian Mathers: I’ve never been anything but underwhelmed by JLS (well, except for that “Sound of Music” one, which was fucking dire), but this is actually pretty catchy! Not even charisma void Dev (whose turn is funny for all the wrong reasons) can ruin things here. I’m not sure I’m going to remember this one for too long after I’m done writing this, but I bet when I stumble upon the file in a few months I’ll be pleasantly surprised again.

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  1. You and me, Frank. You and me.

  2. You laugh, Brad, but that’s already happening. For O-Town, at least. I’m not kidding.

  3. Well, damn.


  5. i LOVE YOU