Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Anjulie – Brand New Bitch

Wanted to make each of these a quote from an NBC Thursday night show, but couldn’t find a Community-Demi Lovato connection…


Brad Shoup: “It’s my way… ’til payday.”

Andy Hutchins: Best use of the Rihanna/Taio Cruz “Yeah-yeah” in a song in a minute. And the double-barreled hook is singable and badass, if not as big as it could be, though I wonder if the almost-rhyme of “bitch” should have been scratched in the original. The two-tiered beat has a lively foundation and aspirational synths.

Hazel Robinson: While I’m ultimately disappointed this didn’t turn out to be a ho-rapper I’d never heard of before, this pushes my Cascada buttons with a slightly more welcoming vocal and a superb chorus that’d be a “Livin’ On A Prayer”-type stadium rock epic if it wasn’t constantly stabbed with acupunture synths.

Pete Baran: Dear Anjulie. In what way are you like a Brand New Bitch? Because you sound a lot like the other, ahem, out there.

Katherine St Asaph: This beat makes Anjulie feel brand new, which can only mean Anjulie is actually one of the greyscale residents of Pleasantville

Michaela Drapes: I’ll forgive this the TMI details in the first verse (bathroom stalls — icky!) and Anjulie’s cribbed-from-Robyn phrasing because the rest is so freakin’ massive. This is how you do a kiss-off, y’all. 

Jonathan Bogart: Oh man, now Nicole Scherzinger’s devolving-into-anonymity solo career has Canadian imitators.

Edward Okulicz: The lyrics to this just baffle me. She gets pretty TMI right from the get-go, and then calls herself a “brand new bitch,” after a line where the obvious rhyme would be “chick” — “bitch” does not rhyme with “sick”, Anjulie, this is the one time when the longtime radio edit standby would actually be an improvement. The song itself is serviceable dance pop of the kind it is strange to think is coming out of Canada the same way it was probably strange to think of such things coming out of the U.S. until a few years ago.

Jer Fairall: If I may rep for Canada for a moment, thanks, but we don’t need our own Jessie J.

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