Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Kasabian – Switchblade Smiles

Rock and roll will never die…


Jer Fairall: So brutally ugly, atonal, unpleasant and — even at just four minutes — interminable, that I’d assume it was planned as a deliberate career-killer were there any logical justification for that.  As I can think of no other, though, and am therefore led to believe that at least four people thought this was not only listenable but worthy of release, I’m hoping that this isn’t the evidence of some mass delusion that just hasn’t managed to cross the ocean yet.

Brad Shoup: I guess that’s it, then: Muse finally broke ’em.

Alfred Soto: I know nothing about this crew of Brit cuties, but if they can thunder with so much drang I’m ready to join the Kasabian Army.

Sally O’Rourke: The most interesting thing about “Switchblade Smiles” is that Kasabian managed to pack 10 minutes’ worth of filler into a four-minute single.

Alex Ostroff: I suppose the guitar line is nice enough, but I preferred Kasabian’s “propulsive drums and hollering” template when the hollering remained vaguely melodic.

Anthony Easton: This is one of those cases that, if I were judging the video, I would hate it. But listening to just the song: the voice is sufficiently pounding, the updating of loud-soft-loud is interesting, and the guitar work is is occasionally excellent. It’s only rock and roll, but it’s passable. 

Michaela Drapes: The idea of combining Led Zeppelin and late-period Blur (er, Gorillaz?) in a blender should have immediately struck everyone as the worst idea ever, but what can you expect with Dan the Automator back at the helm of the good ship Kasabian? I’ll give a few pity points here for the excellent aesthetics of the video (damn, that all-black drum kit is sexy), but that’s about all.

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  1. OH Alfred, I see what you did there.

  2. <3 u anthony!