Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium

Strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant… do we mean the metal or Guetta’s hair?


Katherine St Asaph: The more permutations of bosh and vocalist spring from David Guetta’s shaggy robot skull, the less I’m convinced he knows how to showcase a guest. He gave Nicki Minaj an “Only Girl (in the World)” knockoff and made her sing; meanwhile, when he actually did work with Rihanna, he clipped away all but five dull notes. He’s OK when working with Flo Rida, but unfuckupable is different than good. How does he fare with Sia, pop’s appointed Only Known Singer-Songwriter in the World? She’s fine on the verses, where she can warble over not much, but then Guetta takes a hacksaw to the track and asks Sia to sing over the din, and every sound muffles the others.

Brad Shoup: Guetta initially had Mary J. Blige on this track, but it’s just as well: titanium resists corrosion, and Blige is all about accumulating wear. Sia’s declarations of resilience are cool enough, and her controlled-soul enunciation adds the character lacking in Guetta’s Duplo-block construction, but my favorite moment has to be when she airs out the word “glass” (as in “bulletproof…”). If those catatonia-inducing laser beams didn’t quite crack my stone heart, that note did the trick.

Anthony Easton: There is something really crystalline and beatific about Sia’s voice–I’m not sure that this is what serves it best, but I like the attempt. 

Jer Fairall: No taste substituting for Guetta’s usual bad taste, thanks in most part to Sia classing up the joint.  Expect it to be his lowest charting single since the pre-One Love days.

Edward Okulicz: Sia’s a lot more versatile than often given credit for — if Some People Have Real Problems gave her a reputation as a sad sack it was probably unfair, because she does at least try other emotions. Resilience and strengh actually really becomes her here. Guetta’s production is as monochrome as the titular metal itself, Sia’s voice is like rhodium-plating.

Alex Ostroff: At the very least, it’s a different look for 2011 Guetta – one thankfully devoid of BEP, Akon or Flo Rida. The lyrics are a bit silly, and Sia has a tendency to slur the end of sentences during the verses. Her proclamations of “I am Titanium!” tower convincingly over the rest of the song, but I find her more affecting as a broken whisper than as a scream.

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