Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope for Me is You

“Now you sing the bit I can’t remember!”


Brad Shoup: Coming soon to a community theater near you: it’s the touring production of Apocalyptic Idiot! I gotta admire MCR’s sticking to Maximum Theme, but in a pop landscape dotted with the end of days, their Bellflower visions can’t stand out on their own. There’s a sweetness amongst all the scattered debris, but that punk-rock drive is gone.

Katherine St Asaph: I guess since Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have solo projects, and even Panic! at the Disco is somewhat credible now, it’s up to My Chemical Romance alone to make embarrassing music. If you want to troll your local adolescent population, make a mashup of this and “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

Jonathan Bogart: Didn’t these guys used to have a sense of humor once upon a time? Somewhere back in the far distant reaches of history? If we excavate all the way back through the archaeological sediment to their last single? Remember that? Why can’t they just do that all the time?

Jake ClelandThis is one of the lesser tracks from Danger Days, which almost a year after its release comes up looking pretty inconsistent. The colorful makeover and the loose conceptual tie of the album are both very compelling, but it’s tracks like this that offset the energetic brilliance of others like “Na Na Na” and “Party Poison”. The instrumentation is typical MCR heavy-hitting but the lyrics are vague to the point of meaningless, sentimental cliche. Maybe that fits within the context of the album’s storyline but without their trademark venom, it lacks any sort of necessity.

Edward Okulicz: I wasn’t initially sure whether big distorted waves of keyboards were what a song that’s basically a sequel to “Famous Last Words” actually needed, but then I was won around in about half a verse. Then, I became slightly unsure that the world actually needed another song like “Famous Last Words.” Finally I decided to accept it for a decent example of one of the four or five kinds of MCR songs, albeit one with a dragging middle-eight and a mildly clumsy chorus.

Alfred Soto: At last the boys realize their ambition: writing themes for The Legend of Billie Jean.

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  1. What’s a herp?

  2. The homely herp for may is yew, a loan. (Also, I quite like this. So there.)