Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Blush ft. Snoop Dogg – Undivided

I’ve got this idea Snoop should be frozen so future generations of pop stars can count on him in guest-verse emergency.


Jonathan Bogart: Can we pass a law where Snoop Dogg does nothing but play support to pop singers? Because he’s really good at it, and he’s really boring by himself.

Alfred Soto: Sawtooth synths, phoned-in Dogg cameo – what else is new. But it’s not charmless either, thanks to Blush’s adolescent charm. I’ll say this for recent Snoop: he’s become a superb babysitter.

Katherine St Asaph: Snoop’s royalty check is more interesting and contains more original material – numerals and stamped signature included – than anything on “Undivided” but the second when it’s not making sound.

Iain Mew: Setting up a multinational girlgroup is a brilliant idea, not least for its shortcut to having something distinctive about each member. I can’t think of any obvious precedents besides The Sound of Girls Aloud‘s awkward inclusion of British and Irish flags on its cover. Blush have a decent set of voices too, so it’s a shame that they’ve been lumbered with a slick but overly straightforward uptempo love song with no spark outside of its superior synth sounds. Snoop sounds half asleep, but given the angles he could have taken with this that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Brad Shoup: The pleasure in the chorus is audibly savored; perhaps it’s because it’s a safe space from pointless spoken repetition, “Eastern” instrumental touches, and beyond-corny lyrics. The Berlitz blitz at the end comes off less as an introduction than a language lesson. I wonder what Snoop thinks of his gradual demotion to a production option on par with the Amen break. Sure, he’s a businessman, but did his guidance counselor sufficiently prep him for a life in middle management? 

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