Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Iyaz ft. Travie McCoy – Pretty Girls

I wish they all could be [Insert State Here] girls…


Jer Fairall: Yet another de facto rewrite of The Beach Boys’ “California Girls,” but a lot sunnier and prettier than Mindless Behaviour’s concurrent take. Any girl not scared off by a guy who employs Travie McCoy as a wingman is probably not worth keeping around.  

Brad Shoup: Just as shameless and vague as, say, Patrick Stump’s last town-upping single. In theory, I don’t mind this text as much, since sex is a biological imperative, as opposed to continuing to live in a city whose winters can be accurately described as “Lovecraftian”. Plastic TV-theme guitar, random sirens, low-mixed synths — hey bro, you calling our women stupid?

Jonathan Bradley: The thin insincerity of Young Money’s “Every Girl” succeeded because it had a chorus that wouldn’t quit — the kind that got better when accompanied by sunshine and ice cream. The thin insincerity of Iyaz and Travie McCoy would only be a waste of a nice summer’s day.

Katherine St Asaph: Poor Iyaz. He’s so overwhelmed by the pretty girls of his vicinity, he’s forgotten whether his town’s yet been formally established as a city, or what it says that he’s learned about girls from atlases and Katy Perry songs, or why Travie’s “flavors” line is terrifying, and especially why it’s a fundamentally bad idea to stage a comeback by writing a chorus that’s indecisive like Rebecca Black.

Alfred Soto: The enthusiasm would be strong enough to create a moral imperative if the song itself didn’t define “objectifying.” If Iyaz and McCoy want success hitting on pretty girls, put away the Pro Tools in your pants.

Mallory O’Donnell: Have you ever noticed that women don’t have individual personalities or characteristics, but can be completely understood just by knowing what city or region they hail from? Iyaz has. In case that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Travie McCoy chooses his ladyfriends based on how tight their vaginas are and how well they match his shoes.

Jonathan Bogart: When my brother first heard Iyaz’s “Replay” on the radio, he thought the product placement line went “got my eyeball stuck on replay.” This not-even-anecdote is more interesting than “Pretty Girls.”

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