Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain

Straight from the cloudy skies of Forks, Washington…


Katherine St Asaph: Bruno Mars will have no sunlight if he loses you. Considering that “It Will Rain” was extruded for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, part of a vampire franchise containing a scene awfully close to attempted-suicide-by-sunbeam, there are only two ways to explain this line. One, this deactivated “Grenade” is subversively about werewolf Jacob’s storyline, despite what that storyline actually is. Two, much more sensibly: The potboiler boileth over, and details, consistency and quality were never inside.

Iain Mew: I’m happy that the incredibly melodramatic Bruno Mars of “Grenade” (and to a lesser extent “Just The Way You Are”) is back, asking for morphine, promising an end to the sun and offering to bleed. Again. He’s much less annoying than the chirpy guy we’ve had since. It’s just a shame that this gloopy “Chasing Pavements” rehash can’t match the lyrical stakes at all. Also disappointing when I realised that it’s “There’ll be no more clear skies” and not “There’ll be no more Christmas”, but still. At least his particular brand of creepy masquerading as romantic has now found its most fitting location on the soundtrack to a Twilight film.

Anthony Easton: I am so glad that I am no longer living in a theological residence because this would be pouring out of every room: full of boys (and it’s always boys) who got into the big city for the first time and experience that perhaps God is not loving them as He should. I usually just give them the Mountain Goats, and they emo along, but I am no longer in a position to do this (see also Pedro the Lion and Owl City).

Alfred Soto: At least he sings as if he really meant the bit about leaving morphine by the door. The cavernous guitar and drums portend “epic,” though, and maybe a more resourceful singer-producer, like, say, Maxwell, could imbue the masochism with the self-reflexiveness it deserves. But Bruno Mars can’t perform without living for the moment in which he’s sobbing hysterically for our sake — for his sake. Which means he’s a masochist and an egoist.

Brad Shoup: It will? Based on the soggy, unceasing drum loop, it already did. Bruno’s way too into his fluttering pipes, and ends up pouring out three times the words Bill Withers would need.

Jonathan Bogart: I’ve established that I’m a sucker for gospelly choruses that include references to rain. Bruno oversings it, as usual, but for once the production matches his effort.

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