Monday, November 21st, 2011

Will Young – Come On



Kat Stevens: Will Young makes the best videos EVER and this one features DOGS specifically dogs at a TALENT SHOW and I may have gone WAAAH and AWWW several times while watching it and oh god there’s something so adorable about Will’s voice and persona and Twitter feed that it destroys my ability to write coherently or use full stops

Jonathan Bogart: Look, I’m not made of stone. Of course that video was utterly adorable. Wait, what? There was a song running underneath it?

Brad Shoup: If Will doesn’t care, why should his lover? And why should I? He offers tea where a fight would do, glassiness where things should clearly be choppy.

Alfred Soto: I imagine Young punctuating each “Hey!” with the merest flick of a hand. The glasslike clarity of the electronic arrangement is just what English superstars buy when they want Something Different for the fifth album.

Jer Fairall: The vocals, delivery and lyrical sentiment are all James Blunt earnest, but this guy lets the subtle wash of electronic blips and bloops do much of the emoting for him, keeping a would-be piece of schlock grounded and even quietly touching. Or maybe I’m just letting the boy-and-his-dog video clip push my buttons too easily.

Katherine St Asaph: Who knew a stylistic mashup of The New Boring and the old Owl City wouldn’t be all that bad? (I don’t have the dog gene.)

Anthony Easton: The bit around 1:06 when things start picking up, and the bit around 2:04 where everything clears up, like birdsong after a spring rain, and then it picks up again, a little sadder, a little more panicked, and the narrative complexity adds layers and layers — Will Young singing to himself, girding himself for the eventual disappointment — brilliant little bump there.

Edward Okulicz: Will Young has never sounded so much like a man in touch with his inner Neil Tennant. Who else is going to base a song around such gentle plaintiveness?

Zach Lyon: I’d give this a decent score and be done with it if I didn’t all time love “All Time Love” so much. Nothing else I’ve heard from him has been even close to that, and this is just another bitty disappointing exercise in blandness. But I really just want to throw some good will towards him because the video made me sob. Oh my gawd you guys!!

4 Responses to “Will Young – Come On”

  1. OK, saw the video. It’s incredible. I just wanted to take him home and feed him sandwiches.

    Will Young, I mean.

  2. The video is basically Robbie Williams’ She’s The One but with a dog. And that’s alright by me.

  3. My reaction to the video is the same as Brad’s, just with fewer sandwiches.

  4. That video is shamelessly manipulative, and I don’t have the dog gene over, but by god it worked. I like the song, although I’m glad at least one person mentioned “All Time Love” (which, migawd).