Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Nina Sky – On Some Bullshit

Oh mah gawd they’re back agai-een…


Alex Macpherson: Nina Sky have one default mode – a vague, yearning drift which enables them to make even single-line pottymouth choruses like “I’m on some bullshit, fuck what ya heard” sounds impossibly pretty. Luckily, it’s an irresistible one, and it’s the reason why what seems like a trifle initially proves somewhat addictive over several plays. The wonderfully restless backing helps, too: insectile beats twitch and scurry, starburst synths twinkle and every so often, whooshing sounds arc across the beat like planes in the desert sky.

Dave Moore: For a group that’s been waiting for a proper solo release as long as Nina Sky (whom I didn’t know I knew already from “Oye Mi Canto”), this is kind of disappointing, a passable but unremarkable album-filler-ish track whose most notable feature is not just one but two radio-unfriendly words in the chorus (shock!). What would they even call the radio edit?

Al Shipley: Maybe I’m just a sucker for pretty girls talking dirty, but I’ll never get tired of R&B songs that take not just the sound but also the explicit vocabulary from hip hop.

Martin Kavka: Can I be the first to vote this the song of the summer? It makes me feel old: does “I’m on some bullshit” mean that the Nina Sky twins are lying when they’re dissing this guy? Does it mean that their bullshit detectors have gone off on what the guy is saying? It makes me feel young: it must be the woodblock in the percussion track. It makes me want to hide behind my public poses. It makes me want to call everyone out and myself for hiding. It makes me want to grow up.

David Raposa: The bullshit, in this case, being some electro Lisette Melendez freestyle tip that’s both unexpected and totally fantastic. It doesn’t sound like what most folks remember from Nina Sky, but since it’s been FOUR GODDAMN YEARS since “Move Ya Body,” that’s to be expected. If anything, I’d say this is much, much better.

Briony Edwards: Anyone who references YouTube in their lyrics deserves heralding and reprimanding in equal measure. Nina Sky get away with it because this song delivers on so many other levels. Their voices are wonderful, and the harmonies sad, meaning the whole thing retains a very strong sense of melancholy which reverberates through the whole track. Plus, it kind of sounds like the Spice Girl’s “Viva Forever”, which will never be a bad thing.

Edward Okulicz: Not as bad as it wants to be or as good as it should be; forceful wasn’t these girls’ forte, and while I can’t expect everything they do to have their old hit’s effortless hypnotism, this tries three times as hard and achieves one third as much.

Ian Mathers: Wait, I’m confused – is it her (them?) or him that is on some of the titular bullshit? And what is it that we’ve heard that we are supposed to fuck? That she’s on some bullshit, or that she still has feelings for him, or what? Ah, who cares. That was a good drum break. It’s so nice to have them back.

Additional Scores

Hillary Brown: [5]
Michaelangelo Matos: [6]
Martin Skidmore: [9]

11 Responses to “Nina Sky – On Some Bullshit”

  1. I really thought this would have made it into the top 10. Great song.

  2. I dunno, I could have gone a point or so higher, but there’s something about this that reminds me of a scrapped track from the last Danity Kane album or something. Which still makes it good, but it really doesn’t sound like a single to me.

  3. And shit, I can’t believe I noticed but could not actually recall “Move Ya Body.” Anyway, this isn’t really even in the same ballpark, so whatever.

  4. damn, how long has it been since a song has broken 7.0?

  5. i didn’t get a blurb in, but the chorus on this one is really underwritten, and i think it would’ve been REALLY good if there was anything else in the chorus besides endless repetition

  6. last one to break 7 was royksopp ft. robyn iirc

  7. ’twas.

    The qualifying score for top 10 at present is 7.08. We’ve had some that would have come very close lately – I expect someone will breach it soon enough…

  8. We need a top 20. Or 25. We need a top 23. Maybe 30. No, definitely 23.

    Also, Jordan — it IS a chorus, so it’s kinda going to be repetitive. WTF do you want, open mic night freestyling?

  9. I saw the best minds
    of my generation
    on some bullshit
    fuck whatcha heard

  10. some repetition, yes, but only one line repeated 4 times is just lazy. nina sky get away with it cuz they sound so pretty.

    the more people are involved, the harder it’ll be for anything to break 7 again. which is good, but at the same time the last 4 songs in the current top 10 are dead wood as far as i’m concerned.

  11. now that the latest comments come up at the side, can I just say how wrong I was about this amazing, amazing song? now that an actual heatwave is upon us I can’t stop listening to it. “you can catch me on that youtube with my cool clip – I’m about to pick my HOES up in my NEW WHIP.” nina sky understand summer like few others. [10] [10] [10] a thousand times [10].