Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Outasight – Tonight is the Night

What’s whiter than Bruno Mars?


Katherine St Asaph: I guess soda rots vocal cords as well as teeth.

Anthony Easton: There is something Bruno Marsy here in the combo of hip-hop and a kind of blue-eyed soul, but I like this: so controlled and tight around a text exhorting you to lose control. So the elegance of memory and the skill at construction gets me over any worry about the Mars connections.

Brad Shoup: He’s already got a shitty up-with-retro name; the difference between him and someone who gives a shit is only a small matter of degree, right? 

Pete Baran: This kind of ultra-competence does absolutely nothing for me. I wouldn’t remember if it was ever played.

John Seroff: Nothing says “It’s the End of the Western World as We Know It and I Feel Terrified” quite like nth-reheated club fodder. 

Michaela Drapes: Never has a song filled me with more cold, creeping dread. This is the nail in the coffin of enforced fun “party” jams, right?

Alfred Soto: Oh goody — Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas, and La Bouche meet for a tryst!

5 Responses to “Outasight – Tonight is the Night”

  1. I swear I’m actually going to write blurbs tonight. I promise.

    I went from hating this and thinking it was rewarmed Kevin Rudolf to realizing that this is actually a pretty good pop-rap song. “So if I got one chance? Motherfucker, I’ma make y’all dance” hits me in the right place, and the bridge is better than most.

    This also isn’t what Bruno Mars sounds like, because Bruno Mars is not about parties. Have you listened to any Bruno Mars?

  2. this line was culled from my (admittedly overly long) blurb but it addresses your point:

    “Tonight Is the Night”‘s nervous jitters might be equally ascribed to the end of the Mayan calendar, the global economic death spiral or creative impoverishment but the lack of poise on display here is glaring and embarrassing, no matter how much “motherfucker ahma make you dance” butch BEP bravado these sad schmucks try to pack into a crumpled juice box.

  3. Kevin Rudolf shits all over this. (Seriously, though, this sounds nothing like Rudolf. It sounds nothing like anything except maybe Calvin Harris if he sounded even more like he was using Tinker-Toys.)

  4. The woah-oh’s at the chorus I like. “Impossible don’t exist!” I don’t. The reserved beat (if Taio did this the kick would be 10 times louder) I like. “Muthafucka Imma make you dance” I don’t. If this were playing at a party I’d probably dance to it.

  5. kat: Dude’s voice sounds almost exactly like Kevin Rudolf, and Kevin Rudolf is terrible.