Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Asher Roth – I Love College

Residual Obama Goodwill Piss-Away ’09 begins in earnest…


Dan MacRae: I’m certain the legal difficulty of (unsuccessfully) getting Rivers Cuomo to clear the sample to “Say It Ain’t So” is much more interesting than this cluster of shit. And why wouldn’t Rivers want to distance himself from the surefire date-rape anthem of 2009?

Martin Kavka: Asher Roth is soooo not good for the Jews. Fortunately for Roth, the staffers for the Jewish Daily Forward are so worried about Bernie Madoff that they won’t notice.

Jonathan Bradley: Lyrically, Roth is lazy and lacking in focus, like a paper written the night before by a student not brilliant enough to get away with it. Vocally, he’s adenoidal and ungainly. It’s not that I have any particular problem with white frat boy rap; there are countless archetypes of good for nothing Caucasian youth ripe for nuanced, or at least irrationally exuberant, hip-hop exploration. But Asher Roth is no Animal House, and he’s not even up to the standard of the first American Pie. This is American Pie 6: The One Where Stifler’s Mom’s Cousin’s Horny Boorish Son Goes to Band Camp and makes a Rap Song.

Iain Mew: As a plodding celebration of doing nothing worthwhile with your life that’s content to coast on recognition alone, rather than any actual humour or joy, this is really rather depressing. That’s even before the terrible widdly electric guitar cuts in, too.

Martin Skidmore: The Eminem comparisons are not just because he’s a white rapper: he’s learnt some flow from Eminem too, though he doesn’t have the nimbleness nor the brilliance with rhyming. It’s all more laid back, dope-charged as suits the material – it sounds like a modern equivalent of the end-of-party acoustic guitar singalongs. I suspect it might be very big, in which case I will probably grow to loathe it.

Rodney J. Greene: I’d bet money that John Mayer could out-rap this dude.

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