Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Steve Holy – Until the Rain Stops

Today in “Country Singers Who Look Like Joe Lo Truglio”…


Brad Shoup: Sorry Steve… you still gotta get those chores done.

Anthony Easton: Less hot than he was hoping for, but charming in its insistence.

John Seroff: “You know them windows, they ain’t gonna fog themselves up” is an A+ lyric, but as easygoing, guitar-driven boot-knockers go, this codes less “Afternoon Delight” and more “See your doctor if you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours.” Holy’s voice is lovely, even if one can’t help but picture his partner drowsing off during the hand job.

Alfred Soto: Gentlemanly even when he mentions being tangled up in sheets, which is more fun than being tangled up in blue. The thin line between gentlemanly and dull applies though.

Iain Mew: “I don’t really care if the sun don’t shine” is a very obvious lie. Steve actually has a lot invested in the continuing rain, since his already flimsy persuasive reasoning will fall to bits otherwise. I think he’s making the effort despite the fact that he and she both know that, which helps to make this charming and funny.

W.B. Swygart: He shouldn’t sound this much like he’s reading it off a teleprompter, should he? And it definitely shouldn’t sound like someone’s set the teleprompter to run slightly too quickly during the chorus. (Is it just gonna be me who thinks there’s any need to make a McLusky reference here? Let’s find out!)

Jonathan Bogart: You know how people often conflate holiness with boringness? You’re not helping, Steve.

Michaela Drapes: Mere millimeters from saccharine awfulness, it’s the danceability of this number that tips the scales to wonderfulness. The Lyle Lovett-ishness helps too — those gentle nods to churchy roots in phrasing and arrangement; check that tambourine! And Steve’s got a lovely instrument in that smoothly sincere voice, doesn’t he? Throw in some points for that perfect bridge, too.

Katherine St Asaph: Lyrics of the supposedly seductive “Until the Rain Stops” that you’d never want to hear during sex, in order of terribleness: “under the weather,” “just do whatever,” “keep it lazy,” “I don’t really care if the sun don’t shine,” “cat and doggin’.”

10 Responses to “Steve Holy – Until the Rain Stops”

  1. I’m never going two-steppin’ with any of you guys.

    ps — Mentions of McKlusky still make me a smidge weepy over the fact that they’ve split. Good lord, that was 7 years ago already!

  2. i love all of you, this is solid, funny and smart work from everyone. Michaela–i’d go two steppin’ wit yah.

  3. “Just do whatever” is a charming lyric that I hope my next companion says. So colloquial!

  4. Don’t know about the song, but he looks like a prototype Daniel Bedingfield in that picture.

  5. Aw, thanks, Anthony! I’m wearing my stingray Lucchesse boots today ‘specially.

    I guess I’m just not as sensitive to these lyrics as you guys. I found the “just do whatever” charmingly dude-ish. It’s okay, really.

  6. “Just do whatever” = so indifferent!

  7. I have Luccheses too!

  8. I’m sorry, I just don’t hear it as indifferent. It isn’t delivered that way.

    I have 3 pair — I’m so spoiled! I hit the outlet every Xmas when I’m in El Paso. This new pair was a big indulgence, not exactly super-discounted.

  9. I just have the one gifted pair, but I really ought to buy a spare in case there is shit what needs to receive a kick.

  10. I don’t have Luchasses, but i do have two pairs of cowboy cut wranglers, and a dozen western shirts