Monday, May 4th, 2009

Marmaduke Duke – Rubber Lover

One of Biffy Clyro has a double life. Sort of…


Iain Mew:Charlie Simpson ended Busted to form Fightstar and bring his hero worship of the twisty indie-emo of Biffy Clyro to the uncaring masses. Fightstar proceeded to have a couple of minor hits but failed to get taken seriously by anyone outside of his existing fanbase. They still continue to plow their ‘serious’ and ‘difficult’ path to no effect. Meanwhile Biffy Clyro have given up, started turning out sub-Foo Fighters crap and now even their half arsed side projects have hit records.This fact is far, far more entertaining than “Rubber Lover”.

Rodney J. Greene:70s soft rock via Daft Punk; not a quarter as clever as either, as much as it wishes it were.

Martin Kavka: Supposedly this samples Billy Joel’s “Sleeping With The Television On.” But while listening to this, all I hear is Hard-Fi’s “Hard To Beat.” I leave it to the reader to decide whether this says more about the greatness of Hard-Fi or the suckiness of Billy Joel. (The number just might disclose my bias.)

Michaelangelo Matos: For the first few seconds (the “ay!” and the piano and the big clomping drums), I could have been convinced this was a cross between the new U.S.E. song and recent Spoon. It doesn’t get near either, but it’s got enough drive to give it pretty impressive replay value — that, and the fact that it’s under two minutes long.

Martin Skidmore: The funk is leaden, though it is much the brightest part of this. The lyrics are idiotic and I am convinced they are very pleased with themselves about them, the singing is at least diffident so mostly easy to ignore. Annoying.

Ian Mathers: It sounds exactly like Gary Lightbody is singing this song. And Snow Patrol really doesn’t need their own fucking Last Shadow Puppets, especially one that makes “conceptual albums” and puts out two minute singles with rubbish lyrics.

Hillary Brown:Not quite margaritaed out enough to conjure up a full yacht, but this could maybe be like a small pontoon boat jam.

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